Jun 072017

New Nordic Cuisine on Board the ICHIBAN: Top Yacht Chef Brings Innovation to Traditional Swedish FoodDeviledEggs_wShrimpandSauce_sail yacht ichiban menu

On her Sail Yacht ICHIBAN, top yacht chef Kerstin Malmström brings innovation to traditional Swedish food for a type of “New Nordic Cuisine.” Eight fortunate charter professionals sailing out of Stockholm got a taste of unexpected gastronomic delights that we thought could only be made by magic in ICHIBAN’s galley.

Besides being a culinary innovator, Kerstin joins her husband, ship’s Captain Janne Malmström, to bring fresh exciting Swedish dishes to guests aboard. Think toast Skagen with prawns, mayonnaise, beetroot and dill. Yum.

It’s worth noting here that Sweden is making waves in more than just their archipelago. “New Nordic Cuisine” is gaining notoriety in the world of gastronomy with new takes on their traditional high protein-low carbohydrate dishes.

Kerstin_ChefExtraordinaireOnBoarde_sail yacht ichiban menuDuring our beautiful week-long sailing tour (see our post Sailing Sweden’s Archipelago in the Baltic Sea on the S/Y Ichiban), Kerstin also gave us a culinary tour of traditional Swedish food with as many twists and turns as the land around which we were sailing! While each meal was enhanced by the string of gorgeous harbors where we dined, Kerstin (left) would not be outdone by the scenery. She perfectly paired out wines, local drinks and spirits to dazzle our palates.

I requested that she write down every meal since great food is one of the highlights of being on a yacht vacation.

Menus on the ICHIBAN are customized to meet travelers’ needs. We had one gluten-free guest and, ironically, I’m allergic to fish! Kerstin managed all our wishes and restrictions with creativity and care so everyone had a taste of the magic she produced in her small galley.

Here is our week of the innovative Swedish dishes:

Mondag 8 th   Night harbour: NapoleonvikenSwedishFlagWaterBehind_sail yacht ichiban menu


starter: Potato cakes with roe

maincourse: Cod in a tomato sauce with olives

dessert: ice-cream served in almond basket

Tuesdag 9th

Lunch harbor: KargrundetBeefPotatoes_LobsterSalad_sail yacht Ichiban menu

Lunch: Lobster casserole with salmon and prawns

Brownie_wWhippedCream_Strawberries_sail yacht ichibanNight harbour: Stora Nassa


starter: chanterelle toast

maincourse: Chicken with vermouth sauce

dessert: Brownie with whipped cream and strawberry <

MooseMeatballs_wLingonberrySauce_sail yacht ichiban


Wednesday 10th

Lunch harbor: Sandhamn

Lunch: moose meatballs with lingonberry sauce >

Night harbour: Sandhamn


maincourse: summer buffé with herring, cheese pie, lamb sausages

Traditional Swedish Thursday pea soup_sail yacht Ichiban menuThursday 11th

Lunch harbor: Byttan

Lunch: pea soup with warm “punsh”, pancakes with cloudberry- and strawberry jam <

Night harbour:  FjärdlångSalmonLemonsSauceTable__sail yacht Ichiban menu


ShrimpOnRisotto_sail yacht Ichiban menuDinner:

starter: Boueff Rydberg, filé with fried potatoes, onion and yolk.

maincourse: risotto with saffron and prawns <

dessert: crème brulée with rhubarb at the bottom

Friday 12th

Lunch harbor: Huvudskär

Lunch: smoked and “gravad” salmon, mustard sauce, lemon sauce >

PrawnsOnToast_wBeetRootandDill__sail yacht Ichiban menuNight harbour: Härsö


starter: toast Skagen with prawns, mayonnaise, beetroot and dill <

maincourse: deer with potato cake and red wine gravy.

dessert: chocolate cream with orange cream and almond crunch

So maties, we did some fantastic customized – or bespoke (gotta keep up with trending vernacular) -sailing and eating on the Sail Yacht Ichiban. We learned some new Swedish words, ate some new Swedish food and decided that New Nordic Cuisine is a trend we love following.

To learn more about sailing in Sweden, yacht living, chartering boats, eating like a gourmet and how you can have a customized adventure, contact Carol Kent Yacht Charters today!

Nov 112016

Top Yacht Chef at BVI Charter Show 2016We are excited to present the winning crew and yacht at the British Virgin Islands Charter Show this year.  TOP YACHT Chef Georgia and Captain Robert on 58′ Catamaran SECRET OASIS!  They are the 2016 winners of the culinary competition for BEST OVER-ALL DISH and Best Appetizer with the entry – Chocolate Lobster Mofongo!  You will have to charter her to find out!

This luxury 58′ Sailing Catamaran Secret Oasis can accommodate 10 guests in 5 Cabins and has King Master with 4 Queens.  Each cabin offer plenty of space with ensuite bathrooms and private accommodations for the crew.  She is equipped with Adult and Child waterskis, tow ring, Paddleboards, Kayak, Beach Games and great sound system for IPod Docking.

Catamarans offer great space on deck and below.  Chartering is easy to arrange with our complimentary servicesTop Yacht Chef Georgia and Captain Robert of Secret Oasis crew

SECRET OASIS is based in the British Virgin Islands during the winter months and the Grenadines for July – October.

Her lovely crew welcomes families and couples to experience culinary delights at every meal.  Congratulations to them both!!

From the crew of 50′ Sailing Yacht XENIA – Congratulations Captain Peter and Jade!

It was our pleasure to see you at the 35th annual BVI Charter Yacht Show.

Captain Peter and First mate Jade from Yacht Catamaran XENIA

50' XENIA Top Yacht Chef BVI 2016 Best Dessert ( under 60’) Starfish Sponge Cake, Turmeric Ice-cream, Rum Coconut Foam

Top Yacht Chef 50 Catamaran Runner up for best Appetizer ( under 60’)  Bush-tea Smoked Grouper, Caribbean pumpkin squid ink ravioli, honey lime glaze

Top Yacht Chef 50 XENIA

Honorable mention in the Designer Water Competition: Lemon ginger mint with Bougainvillea Ice


British Virgin Islands Itineray on your yacht vacation - Click to enlarge!

BVI Itinerary – Click to enlarge!


Top Yacht Chef JUDGES COMPETITION for BVI Charter Show 2016

Chefs limited to 2 entries: Appetizer Luncheon entrée Dessert You are encouraged to use as many fresh local ingredients as possible. Additional points for use of any of the following: Breadfruit, plantain, yucca (cassava), yam, pumpkin, eggplant, bok choy, collard greens, raw chocolate, coconut, starfruit, soursop, papaya, passion fruit, local fish, meat or chicken.

JUDGING CRITERIA:Originality • Presentation • Taste/Flavor • Creativity • Use of fresh local ingredients • Execution Craft/Technique • Overall Impression

REQUIREMENTS The competition will be held on board your yacht; the choice is yours of where you serve your entries. Showcase any area of the yacht that you like.

CHEF’S CULINARY CONTEST CRITERIA: • Registrants will be split into 2 categories: Yacht ≥ 60’ Yacht < 60’ • Prepare on your yacht and serve in the location of your choice – aft deck, sun deck, saloon, dining saloon • Prepare 2 plates: One plate of a normal-serving size (as to a charter guest) for the photographer and one plate with extra forks for the judges to share. • Provide 3 copies of your menu, either handwritten or printed. • All the food is to be prepared by the Chef. Chefs will be judged on their yacht Wednesday 9th November 2016. Assigned times will be given to you, the chef, no later than 5 pm on Tuesday 8th November 2016 CONTEST JUDGING: Judges will be at your chosen area at your assigned time. Credit will be given to innovative chefs that are exceptional with their techniques and presentation.



Jun 082016

Mediterannean Yacht Show Nafplion Top Yacht Chefs Competition was held at the Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplion, Greece.  A charming,  historic seaside port located South of Athens is the ideal backdrop showcasing these luxury yachts just waiting for charter guests to ply the Greek Island waters this summer.

Top yacht chefs are competing on all levels for the judges.  This also includes the presentation category of “Tablescaping”.

And here are the winners for 2016 summer charter season.  Click here for Our Complete list straight from Naflion, Greece

Category A – Top Yacht Chefs 1st Place DOUBLE TIE!

100′ AURORA Motor Yacht  10 guests in 5 Cabins | 6 Crew

100′ PROJECT STEEL Motor Yacht 12 guests in 5 Cabins | 6 Crew

Category A – Top Yacht Chefs 2nd Place

120′ OBSESION Motor Yacht  10 guests in 5 Cabins | 6 Crew

Category A – Top Yacht Chefs 3rd Place

80′ KENTAVROS II Motor Yacht  8 guests in 4 Cabins | 4 Crew

Category A – Top Tablescaping

79′ VALCO Motor Yacht  12 guests in 5 Cabins | 4 Crew

Category A PLATINUM – Top Yacht Chefs 1st Place

Ancallia Motor Yacht

150′ Feadship M/Y ANCALLIA Motor Yacht

150′ ANCALLIA Motor Yacht   12 guests in 7 Cabins | 9 Crew

Category A PLATINUM – Top Yacht Chefs 2nd Place TRIPLE TIE!

103′ DUKE Motor Yacht   10 guests in 4 Cabins | 6 Crew

108′ ELISA Motor Yacht   10 guests in 4 Cabins | 6 Crew

138′ JAAN Motor Yacht  12 guests in 6 Cabins | 9 Crew

Category A PLATINUM – Top Yacht Chefs 3rd Place TIE!

121′ DRAGON Motor Yacht   12 guests in 6 Cabins | 8 Crew

139′ IDEFIX Motor Yacht   12 guests in 6 Cabins | 7 Crew

Category A PLATINUM – Top Tablescaping

115′ HELIOS Motor Yacht  12 guests in 5 Cabins | 6 Crew

For best results, tell us your ideas and dates to our complimentary planning service today.

Please see our sample Greek Island yacht charter itineraries link.

Sailing in Greece aboard a Motor Sailor Live the Myth!







May 102016

The Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) Superyacht Top Chef Competition in Genoa, Italy is always an exciting component to our charter shows.  Each crew works as a team, supporting their yacht chef in gaining prestigious acknowledgment and prizes.

The theme for this year’s Top Yacht Chef competition in May 2016 was “All Italian Ingredients”. For yacht crews, the coveted Tablescaping Yacht Service award was also at stake.

To view the complete list of winners, visit this  Chef’s Competition Winners  announcement.


MYBA Super Yacht Chef Competition 2016

Categorized by yacht size, judging appointment times are given to the Chef on the day of competition. Food and decor must all be prepared when the judges march aboard.  On May 4th the judges, press and photographers were tightly scheduled to “yacht hop” the two large docks in Genova where this event was sited.

Top Yacht Chefs Judges

  • Antonio Mellino, a two-star Michelin chef and owner of “Quattro Passi” restaurant (Nerano & Mayfair).
  • Theirry Blouin, manager of the famous “La Mere Germaine” (Villefranche-sur-Mer), a gourmet landmark on the French Riviera since 1938.
  • Guiliano Piscina, owner of the Balin Cuisine restaurant in Sestri Levante (Genoa), a small gem with an “extremely high quality product” philosophy.
Top Yacht Chef and Crew Tablescaping Contest

Italian Theme Tablescaping on board 100′ Motor Yacht CHRISTALEX

More about M/V CHRISTALEX:  Delightful crew of five with 4 luxury cabins for eight guests.

High Season rate:  52 000 Euro + VAT + Expenses.

Low Season rate: 48 500 Euro + VAT + Expenses

We look forward to getting you aboard one of these winning yachts and sampling the fine work of these Top Yacht Chefs this summer or next in the Med!

For best results, tell your ideas and dates to our complimentary planning service today.

Finally, here is a video of some live entertainment from the Genoa MYBA show. Enjoy!

Jan 052016

Interest in Raw Food culinary technique and dietary habits are growing, and the yachting industry is taking notice.  Some of our featured yachts now offer  customized “healthy eating” experiences customized to each charter and each individual charter guest, if you desire.

View our video of Allison's raw food luncheon in Antigua

View video of Chef Allison (L) and stewardess in her galley aboard S/Y Catamaran ORION

Co-captain and Holistic Gourmet Chef Allison Thompson on 90Ft Luxury Catamaran ORION

Allison in her own words:  “The raw food revolution is here to stay! Experience the health benefits of supercharging your diet with amazing cleansing and rejuvenating raw food on your next vacation. So, what is raw food? Simply put, it is food that has not been heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, it is pure unadulterated, whole, living food. I am a graduate of the Living Light Institute of Culinary Arts; to introduce you to artfully prepared raw creations that will leave you feeling energized and inspired to try more. Start your day with a “personalized yoga practice” on the expansive bow deck then enjoy a tropical smoothie before your morning swim.” Allison and her team, which includes her husband and two healthy crew members, won my praises in preparing a total raw food lunch experience for us at the December 2015 Antigua Charter Show.

Our Menu (and her recipe) – Thank you Allison and Crew!

ORION Raw Apple Waldorf Salad

Raw Apple Waldorf Salad

Raw Apple Waldorf Salad Apples, celery, soaked and dehydrated walnuts served on local just picked mixed greens dressed with an Orange, Poppy Seed and Flax Oil mix.

Raw Food served on yacht ORION

Raw Chipotle Soup & Pasta alla Checca

Raw Creamy Red Bell Pepper Chipotle Soup served with a dollop of Raw Cashew Mayonnaise. Raw Pasta alla Checca comprised of spiralized green and yellow summer squash “noodles” stacked with a mix of diced cherry tomatoes, capers, olives, garlic and fresh basil marinated in extra virgin olive oil.

Raw Key Lime Pie served on ORION

Raw Key Lime Pie

Raw Key Lime Pie topped with Coconut Whipped Cream Macadamia, pecan nut and date crust filled with raw baby coconut meat, fresh lime juice and zest blended into a creamy smooth mouthwatering taste treat.

*More information on trends in Raw Food presented by the Food Network

~ Winter Charters available in the Caribbean & Summer Charters available in the Mediterranean