Tuaredda beach, Sardinia

Bonifacio, Corsica

Photo Credit: BJ Schoenmaker

Fazzio, Corsica

Photo Credit: Matthieu Faure

Corsica and Sardinia


Although Corsica is just a fairly small French island, its diversity is monumental. Visiting by private yacht is the ideal way to explore it. Discover stellar beaches, sultry nightlife and fascinating history, as well as jagged mountain peaks, breathtaking valleys, lush forests and quaint hilltop villages. Outdoor enthusiasts of all types — swimmers, hikers and divers — will be in paradise here.


With white sand beaches and turquoise waters akin to those in the tropics, Sardinia offers a variety of activities for those on a private yacht charter vacation. In addition to breathtaking scenery — tall mountain peaks, citrus-filled valleys and fields with grazing sheep — discover a landscape dotted with unusual temples, tombs, strange conical fortresses (nuraghi) and the remains of Bronze Age villages.

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Best Time to Cruise Corsica & Sardinia

Visit in the spring when the wildflowers are in bloom or in the fall when temperatures are comfortable for the best experience.