Nantucket – by land or sea



Nantucket, by land and sea, is both a rich history lesson (Nantucket was made famous in the classic novel “Moby Dick”) and a breathtaking summer playground.  She is a very special island for any type of travel experience, whether you are planning a large group event or a private getaway.  Embellish your Yacht Vacation with a “Retreat by the Sea” (or vice versa).  By ferry, airport or departing from nearby land, you have an array of ways to get here.   Be sure to visit the well-preserved historic whaling captains’ mansions, and consider a bicycle or taxi ride to some of the most beautiful, wild, expansive beaches this far North, kissed by the warm Gulf Stream waters.

Nantucket Destination Properties

We partner with exceptional properties, ranging from the finest resorts to comfortable private homes and enchanted harbors.  We choose properties that blend extraordinary service, superior food, gracious comfort, and delightful surroundings.

Nantucket Yachting

Late June through September are premium months for cruising the New England waters, so contact us early to discuss the broadest array of options to suit your needs and tastes.  May we suggest a Cape Cod coastal tour, a private island anchorage, or perhaps a trip to Newport or the Hamptons?  No matter which Northeastern US ports you’d like to visit, our savvy experts can arrange an itinerary filled with majestic beauty, sumptuous surroundings and delicious local culture.

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