1% for One Healthy Ocean TM

Since 2009, Carol Kent Yacht Charters (CKYC) has worked with Environmental Educator and long-distance swimmer Christopher Swain and his One Healthy Ocean ™ Project.

In 2010, as part of this effort, CKYC became the first yacht charter company in the world to offer yacht charter clients the chance to balance the environmental impact of their vacations using premium carbon offsets, investments in ocean education and research, and coastal cleanups.

As the first-ever signatory to the Boater’s Code of Ethics ™ in 2013, CKYC began sharing its ocean-friendly expertise with boat owners and crews across the globe in an effort to protect the ocean on which the yacht charter industry and our world depends.

planet Earth from space

Our ocean planet

Eco-Friendly Charters

Going forward, CKYCI is committed protecting the ocean one charter at a time.

1% for One Healthy Ocean™ initiative takes one percent of the value of every charter booked, and puts it to work in a hands-on ocean protection program that includes K-12 classroom visits, beach cleanups, ocean water sampling activity and public education – like the development and promotion of the Boater’s Code of Ethics.