The fun begins… Once you have selected one of our yachts that best fits your dates and accommodations, securing it for your use can become a straight-forward process.  On this page, we provide details on that process.

Process Overview for reserving a Yacht Charter

Firstly, we place a HOLD on that vessel to signal your interest, which makes it temporarily unavailable to others while we jointly finalize your Charter Agreement.  A deposit and a finalized, signed Charter Agreement contract will officially reserve your “held” yacht and your charter dates exclusively for you.  We place your deposits and all other funds in a protected Escrow Account.

Details on the Process: Steps we take together

A detailed list of all steps in the process, along with some tips, role expectations, tasks and handy links for you to do your part in the process, is provided below.

  1. Review Invoice: We send you an invoice.  
  2. We send you a  Charter Agreement electronically, for you to review and approve online, using DocuSign.
  3. Initial and subsequent Deposit amounts are sent to our company via Wire (preferred).
  4. Once all parties* sign the Charter Agreement (*Client, Stakeholder, Broker and Yacht Owner), and the deposit is received, you will receive your completed Charter Agreement.  Congratulations; your yacht and dates are now confirmed!
  5. Protecting your travel is strongly advised.  You may purchase Travel Insurance within 14 days of travel (for “pre existing conditions only”).  Otherwise, you can purchase anytime to protect unforeseen cancellations.  Here is a handy link for your use:  Get a Quote 
  6. The Balance of your charter deposits is due prior to your departure date.  We will send you that Invoice as a reminder.
  7. We send a Preference Sheet to you, well in advance of your charter dates, for you to review and complete.  It enables you to organize and relay necessary information: Air travel, Passport Information, Emergency Contact, Medical / Allergy information, food and beverage likes and dislikes, and any other needs and expectations.  Please complete your Preference Sheet as soon as possible once you receive it, to ensure a smooth and satisfying charter experience for all. We arrange to have your crew contact you several weeks prior to your charter, to discuss your Preference Sheet information and any other questions.
  8. If Traveling International, note these Passport / Visa requirements:  A 6-month passport rule states that your passport must be valid for another six months beyond your travel dates. This must be verified before you depart for international travel. Depending on which country you are traveling to, the six-month period may begin from the date you leave that country or the date you arrive home.  We will notify you of the appropriate country-specific dates.
  9. Pack  “like a sailor”!   Here are some  tips for easy travel in the Caribbean.
  10. Lastly, board your yacht, while keeping in touch with us.  If any questions or issues arise, we want to know!  Carol’s cell/mobile/WhatsApp is +1 617-719-3001.  Enjoy the experience of being on the water!  We usually communicate with your vessel during your charter, to help ensure your satisfaction.