Pack Light and Carry On!Caribbean

You are going to a warm climate where the Trade Winds blow during the winter months, day and night.   The sun is strong and the water reflects all the beauty that surrounds the island itinerary you choose.

Rules may vary depending on the yacht you choose, so always check with us!

PACKING TIPS on what NOT to bring

1.  Hair dryer  2.  Soaps & Shampoo  3.  Beach towels  4.  Sunscreen 5. Recreational drugs

PACKING TIPS on what TO bring.

1.  Toothbrush & paste  2.  2-3 swim suits  3. 1 long & 1 short pair of pants. 4. long sleeve cover-up and/or shawl. 5. 2 pairs of shoes (for walking/hiking & beach combing).  6. T-Shirt or buy 7. Camera 9. A day pack. 10. PASSPORT 11. Sunglasses 12.  Money US is accepted.  13. Visor or hat for sun protection. 14. Your own prescription drugs.

In more detail…

:: The first thing to keep in mind is that storage space on a sailing vessel is usually limited and not conducive to hard-sided suitcases. Strong duffel bags work better because they can fit odd-shaped storage spaces and can be folded up when not in use.  Note also that a duffel bag may fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, so you can carry some your essentials with you and be ready for anything right away!

Too often, I have seen family and friends check luggage for an island sailing adventure only to have it not arrive. Islanders are laid back.

Choose the Soft Red Duffel & Backpack for Sailing Vacations ::  Choose the Larger Luggage for Motor Yachts over 60′ feet long – they have the storage space.   *Tip: if you are flying private, no worries. They all fit!

Carry On:  As one friendly airline agent on Beef Island, BVI replied to my client’s inquiry about her lost luggage, “If it’s not here, Mon, it’s somewhere else.”  That somewhere else happened to be a round trip flight from Puerto Rico to Martinique and back before finally ending up back at her home in Wisconsin three weeks later.  Avoid that inconvenience by using a duffel bag and backpack, and carry them on the plane.

Beach Towels on board all yachts!   

You do not need a lot of clothes for a Caribbean vacation. During the days aboard your yacht, you only need swim suits and perhaps a cover-up.  On shore, there are some “finer class resorts and restaurants”, like the Peter Island Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands, St. Barth’s, St. Martin and some others that require dress trousers and jackets (no ties required) for men and dresses for women.

We will guide you based on your itinerary.

Most people on a Caribbean vacation prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. The majority of island restaurants are casual. Shorts and T-shirts are perfectly acceptable, even for dinner in many cases! For “fine dining” ashore, ladies should pack a casual sundress and men need one button down shirt and dress shorts.

Your Yacht will have Shampoos, Soaps and other Necessities.  

For a one week sailing vacation,  start with these basic items: 2 swim suits; 4 pairs of shorts; 5 t-shirts (plus whatever you buy along the way); sandals or waterproof reef shoes and walking shoes (either walking/hiking shoes or boat shoes) which can get wet; swim suit cover-up; enough underwear for the week; sleepwear; a light windbreaker for quick tropical downpours, and your personal toiletries if you prefer.

It is also a good idea to have some kind of day pack (lightweight backpack) that lets you carry money, sunglasses, passport, guide books, or anything else you might need ashore.

:: Your yacht will have sunscreens. The constant trade winds keep the temperature comfortable, but the combined effect of overhead tropical sun and reflection from both sails and water can cause severe sunburn.  Yacht crews know which types of sunscreens will provide the protection you need while not harming the environment, the vessel, and your belongings.

:: Your yacht provides snorkel equipment ~ snorkel, masks and flippers. Prescription snorkel masks are available; inquire ahead of time to arrange this service. If you have your own fitted mask, of course you may bring it along if you wish.

:: Children, your yacht has life jackets and snorkel gear; tell your shoe size to your Captain to ensure happy feet.

:: You will want to remember your sailing vacation and be able to share it with others. Bring along a digital camera as well as an extra memory card and set of batteries in case you are unable to recharge it. Keep your camera in a good, strong, waterproof bag because it can get wet while sailing. I found the perfect size bag at the local dive shop. A disposable or waterproof camera is great for kids.

:: Include small items for free time either during an inter-island passage or in the anchorage. Your yacht has music, DVDs for adults and children. By all means bring your favorite reading material. I like to catch upon those New Yorkers!

:: Bring along ZipLoc bags in several sizes. They are good for keeping important travel documents dry, for putting damp swim suits in before placing in your luggage, and for separating laundry.

Take these precautions, and your Caribbean Island vacation will involve lots of sun, lots of sea, and relaxed living on your private yacht!