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5 Top Yacht Destinations to Start Planning for Now!


After a crazy winter in so many parts of the world, we are so ready to turn our thoughts to summer vacation. Now is the time to start planning your summer yacht getaway and we’ve got 5 top yacht destinations to start planning for now that will get you off your bingewatching, umm, couch and on deck, heading for paradise.

Caribbean Yachting Comeback


“Why go to the Virgin Islands now?”  One of the best reasons is to support the Caribbean economy where tourism is the #1 industry. Without visitors it will be tough for the islands to get through this period and rebuild to even better than before. The second and most important reason to go is to experience the incredible recovery work that has been done for yachting clients.

Crew member leaves iced champagne in cabin on AQUA MEKONG

AQUA MEKONG: the Mekong River’s first 5-star cruise ship


The luxurious AQUA MEKONG is the Mekong River’s first 5-star cruise ship. Stylish and smart, this luxury river cruising yacht has 20 cabins and can host 40 passengers. Some of the reasons it feels luxurious: no announcements blaring, no locks on your cabin (safes in each room), staff greeting us by our first name, great food, lovely spa and day trips by kayak, bike and boat to experience local cultures.