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Bride and groom popping champagne cork on the deck of yacht

Tying the Knot on a Yacht

Weddings are generally joyous events for family and friends but how couples tie the knot varies over time and place. Trending in 2023, couples are breaking traditions and customizing their weddings, moving away from “cookie-cutter” celebrations of matrimony, according to Bride Magazine.

Here’s a suggestion worth thinking about:  A Minimony at Sea or a “micro-wedding”.  For a truly intimate and unforgettable celebration of love, tie the knot on a yacht. 

Happy bride and groom hugging on the bow of a yacht wedding

Minimony at Sea

Combine your wedding and honeymoon on a private yacht charter.

Honeymoon Sea Suite

Luxury on the water

Matrimonial sea suites come in many sizes.

Tying the knot on a yacht can combine the ceremony and honeymoon into one memorable celebration.

This non-traditional personal celebration for family and friends enhances everyone’s experience.  The average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $28,000 (including the ceremony and reception), according to The Knot’s 2021 Real Weddings Study.  However, during the recovery from Covid and delays in wedding and honeymoon plans, the prices have gone up along with the fact, and people just do not have the time to micro-manage their big day.  According to The CUT – 2022 Wedding comments on How Much It Costs:

It was the most stressful, emotional experience. I spent so much time and energy looking for vendors that could do what I wanted, within my budget, and failing. I also kept thinking I could do things myself and then running out of time and rushing to pay someone else to do it. So I didn’t prioritize a lot of things I should have. I wish I could go back in time and say, “Here’s my budget; let’s solve all these problems quickly.” But I’m also not sure what I could have done differently. A lot of my friends got married this year and spent way, way more than we did, like $150,000.

We may have a great solution to keep on budget where you want it.  This sample below includes the ceremony on the yacht dockside, overnights guests, a cruising from Newport to Nantucket round trip, yacht fees including crew, and gratuities.  Note, other yachts may be offered at a lower price point, just contact us for these unique options for romance at sea.  We love wedding and honeymoon planning!

Covid Creativity Continues

Whether you desire a romantic sailing vessel or a luxury motor yacht, it may serve as the traditional hotel replacement and even take the place of the honeymoon suite. It becomes your floating sea suite.

Our couple – we’ll call them Olivia and Noah – decided to cut the cost and increase the fun of getting married during a pandemic. Why wait? They coined it “Covid Creativity” and knew they could later tout their marriage in the family history books.

86ft custom-built motor yacht SLAINTE III and tender in a bubble for safe travel

A Minimony at Sea combines a wedding, honeymoon, and entertaining guests into an unforgettable alternative to a traditional wedding.

For our example, Newport, RI was their chosen destination. Our imaginary couple, shall we say, met at the famously fun Clark Cooke House.  They decided to charter a motor yacht that would take up to 12 guests cruising for their afternoon ceremony.

Perfect Match

Their choice of the yacht was perfect! The 86’ Ferretti M/Y SLAINTE III provides the ceremonial stage and the honeymoon suite as well. That she has a master king cabin on the main deck and is accessible to the forward deck, making it a perfect choice.

Waits Wharf Marina was the ideal location for boarding guests in the heart of downtown Newport.  Keeping it very simple, there is no need for a rehearsal dinner, party favors, or flowers on tables.

86ft custom-built SLAINTE III motor yacht seen here with its tender operates in North America and the Bahamas

86′ Ferretti motor yacht SLAINTE III with tender “Slainte” is Gaelic for health!

Casual summer attire was encouraged for a gay and carefree afternoon. The wedding officiant gathered the lucky invitees to the exchanging of vows.  There was a champagne toast while the onboard music played as they cruised the scenic Newport Harbor while enjoying a sumptuous wedding lunch.

Back at the dock, the guests departed at 4 PM. Olivia and Noah waived their cheerful goodbyes as they departed off the dock into the sunset.

Block Island was their first night alone, with a special dinner prepared by the chef.

Forward deck - perfect for tying the knot.

Forward deck – perfect for tying the knot.

Scenic Newport Harbor

Wedding and Honeymoon Itinerary for 5 nights/6 days

Sunday Day 1 – Newport – 10 AM Couple boards SLAINTE

III and settle into the Master stateroom located on the main deck, preparing themselves for the most important day of their lives.

12:30 PM – Wedding Day – The arrival of guests then set sail in Newport Harbor for a ceremony at sea.

4:30 PM – Off to Block Island for the first evening of the rest of their lives.

Monday Day 2Cuttyhunk Harbor for lunch – a Menemsha overnight for the evening is magical.  Going ashore is a must to experience this quintessential fishing village.

Tuesday Day 3 – Edgartown for a day of exploring. According to the article in Vogue 2018 “Martha’s Vineyard Town Is Like the Hamptons Without the Crowds”   Leave the Vineyard for Nantucket. The couple enjoys dining onboard while underway. The day was perfect.

Nantucket overnight evening

Wednesday Day 4Nantucket Day *Meet and play with friends who planned their summer vacation on land staying on land. Another celebration for the couple. Cocktails and light evening dinner are served on board, while enjoying their honeymoon yacht.

Thursday Day 5 – Morning breakfast served underway to Tarpaulin Cove for lunch and a swim.  They spend their last evening in the Sakonnet Harbor reminiscing about their amazing Minimony at Sea.

Friday – Day 6 – Brunch served at 10:30 AM while heading back to Newport.

Costs: A wedding ceremony and dinner at a good hotel followed by a honeymoon could see a bill of $100,000. Our Minimony at Sea, including the extra friends’ celebratory cocktail reception on Nantucket, would be doable for $60,000 including tip!

Destinations we cover “Water Covers 70% of the World, So do We!”

Newport Wedding and Honeymoon Itinerary

Newport Wedding and Honeymoon Itinerary

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