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164ft M/YTCB dining/(c) CarolKent

Top Yacht Chefs in Newport

“My beginning inspiration was that it was Tuesday,” Chef Flannery says in the article. “I really like tacos, so I had to throw that down, but I was also thinking of endless comfort and luxury, so comfort food and making comfort food luxurious. To me, tacos were perfect because it fell into that day and […]

Gocek Turkey

EUR/USD Reaches 20 year low

According to MoneyCorp, my business global specialist in currency exchange and international payments, this news is great for locking in your European yacht vacation. EUR is 10% weaker YTD, down almost 5% over the past month, and 1.4% lower today. The weaker EUR has been driven by lagging ECB interest rate hikes, downside growth risks […]


Greek VAT update

Greek Yachting Association on TAX LAW & VAT NEWS  Sometimes the phrase “It’s all Greek to me” applies to the confusing VAT on charter yachts.  Being informed is the key, and here is the clarification wording straight from the Greek Yachting Association. “ Until the 31st of December 2022, the VAT rate on yachts that […]


Newport Charter Yacht Show 2022

Newport, RI is where it’s all happening. The setting of America’s Gilded Age glory is right here in Newport, RI!  This yachting town is the best  place to embark for a charter vacation to Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. From June 20-23, I will be vising Newport to inspect an array of yachts that […]


Turkey Yacht Charter show is a great success

The Turkey Yacht Charter Show was an ideal opportunity to inspect yachts and reaffirm partnerships for the benefit of our clients, and to get acquainted with many changes in this picturesque, exotic cruising region. Returning to Gocek  Host city Gocek, a small yachting port town in Turkey’s Fethiye district,  is very close to Marmaris, which […]