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5 Michelin Stars Shine on Chefs’ Competition at MEDYS 2024

Stellar Top Yacht Chefs’ Competition Returns to Nafplion, Greece 

Two luminary restaurateur chef judges with 5 Michelin stars between them will return to the 2024 Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS) in Nafplion, Greece from April 27 to May 1. This means that a few of our favorite things at CKYCI are about to intersect at one of the world’s best yacht shows:

  • a stellar top yacht chefs’ competition
  • ocean conservation initiatives
  • excellence in yachting
  • Michelin star anything

Photo top, MEDYS’ two chef judges walking the docks to the next yacht. Above, Award-winning zero-waste creation by Chef Evangelos Vasileiou, M-Y TROPICANA at the MEDYS Chefs’ Competition 2023

The MEDYS 2024 is on for its 9th edition, promising another spectacular five-day event for its ever-growing worldwide audience.

Michelin-starred Judges Return

The Michelin stars of mention belong to Judge Chef Georgios Papazacharias of Athens: two stars for his restaurant Delta and one Green Michelin star for his leadership in sustainability.

Judge Chef Antonio Mellino earned 3 Michelin stars for his restaurant in Nerano at the western edge of the Amalfi Coast, Quattro Passi.

Chef Georgios Papazacharias

The Greek Yachting Association (GYA) recently posted that stellar Chef and restaurateur Georgios Papazacharias will return to judge the top yacht chef culinary competition for the second consecutive year.

Besides Papazacharias’ Zero-Waste from the Greek Seas initiative which we reported on last year, we admire many of his other achievements including his gorgeous Instagram feed for his Athen’s restaurant Delta which has us adding the city to every possible itinerary. Delta restaurant is the only restaurant in Greece to be awarded 2 Michelin Stars plus a Michelin Green Star for Zacharias’ commitment to sustainability.

In Delta restaurant’s words, “Delight your palate while championing environmental stewardship…!”

Here’s more about Papazacharias from the recent GYA Instagram post:

At his culinary home, Chef Papazacharias orchestrates creations that redefine the Greek dining scene. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a passion for innovation, he’s not just cooking dishes—he’s crafting works of art and experiences.

Chef Papazacharias’ journey to gastronomic greatness is a testament to his dedication and talent. From his formative years in Greece, to international experiences at renowned establishments around the globe, including the prestigious “Maaemo” in Oslo, awarded with 3 MICHELIN stars, and the groundbreaking “Under” underwater restaurant, holder of 1 MICHELIN star, he has carved a path that’s uniquely his own.

At Delta restaurant, Chef Papazacharias is on a mission to transform the culinary landscape with his zero-waste philosophy, championing local ingredients, and collaborating with small-scale producers. His visionary approach has not only secured Delta the distinction of being the only restaurant in Greece to be awarded with 2 MICHELIN stars, but has also earned it a coveted Michelin Green Star for its chef’s pioneering commitment to sustainability.

With charisma, creativity, and a daring spirit, Chef Papazacharias continues to push the boundaries of gastronomy and we are truly honoured to have him back in action.

Chef Antonio Mellino

Esteemed panelist and culinary virtuoso, Chef Antonio Mellino returns to the MEDYS Chefs’ Competition for a third time!

Chef Mellino has earned acclaim and 3 Michelin stars for his exceptional culinary creations at Quattro Passi in Nerano, Italy, at the western end of the Amalfi Coast and south of Sorrento.

His presence at the Mediterranean Yacht Show Chefs’ Competition speaks volumes about the event’s levels of excellence and innovation.

Again, here’s more about Chef Mellino from the Greek Yachting Association’s post about the 2024 MEDYS:

Chefs’ Competition promises to be once again the highlight of MEDYS 2024 and we share our enthusiasm welcoming back the culinary virtuoso, Chef Antonio Mellino (@mellino.quattro.passi), as he returns for the third time on the esteemed judging panel of the event!

With a career spanning over three decades, Chef Mellino’s journey to culinary excellence has been nothing short of remarkable. From his beginnings in Argentina to the pinnacle of gastronomy at Quattro Passi in Nerano, Italy (@quattropassi_nerano), his path has been marked by innovation, dedication, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection.

Over the years, Chef Mellino has earned acclaim for his exceptional culinary creations. His tenure at Quattro Passi, where he serves as Chef Patron, has positioned the restaurant as a beacon of gastronomic distinction, earning 3 MICHELIN stars! With each dish, Chef Mellino expertly combines flavours from his South American roots with the rich gastronomic Mediterranean heritage, resulting in a dining experience that is truly unforgettable.

As Chef Mellino takes his place on the judging panel of MEDYS 2024 once again, we are more than proud to have with us on MEDYS a personality that shines bright for his talent, passion, and commitment to mastery.

Stay Tuned!

We at CKYCI are committed to keeping you posted on all events, initiatives, policies, and developments that affect your yacht travel. Watch this space for the results (and delicious eye candy) of the MEDYS 2024 Chefs’ Competition and other exciting news from the show in Nafplion.

In the meantime, enjoy hundreds of CKYCI blog posts about other chefs’ competitions, destinations, itineraries, planning, packing and all things yacht charters.

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