According to CNN travelers in 2021, the US citizens are welcome to all EU countries, which include Greece. During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Greece has timely taken all necessary measures that effectively slowed down its spread in the country. Delta is the only U.S. airliner that flies directly to Greece.

A private yacht vacation in the Greek Islands is like no other. You will experience Greek life up close with quaint fishing villages and stunning beaches. An Aegean yacht charter encompasses the Mediterranean Sea, which includes the Sea of Crete, Thracian Sea, bordering in the northeast by the Dardanelles Strait, and in the south by the Ionian Sea (sample itinerary). Explore ancient temples and ruins on historic islands, such as Nafplion, Kalamaki, Hydra and Poros. Go ashore on popular Mykonos and Rhodes, and spend time on gorgeous Santorini. Head more toward the Turkish coast to the Dodecanese Islands, the easternmost archipelago in Greece, to visit ancient Rhodes. Make time to sit in a local tavern, sip an ouzo and appreciate the local culture.

COVID Travel Information:  Greece