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Palm tree-lined promenade with arched building and two super yachts at the marina near mountains in Kotor, Montenegro. Photo©carolkent.com

Yacht Travel Planning for 2024 & Beyond

Now is the time of year to plan your summer holiday for 2024 and beyond. Why?

  • The Euro to USD conversion rate is still excellent.
  • Being on the water anywhere is cooler (in every way).
  • Yacht selection is at its best.
We are emerging from yet another hot summer, a reminder that cooling off on ocean breezes is one of the best ways to beat the heat.

Closer to the Water = Cooler

If you live near the water, you are lucky. However, if you live inland, then you may feel the heat more than coastal folks and may be inclined to seek reprieve during the months of June to September.

Why do water and land respond differently to heat? Scientifically speaking, “continentality” is what is going on.  Within a few hundred miles of any coastline or large body of water, water conditions affect weather and climate. Those regions generally have cooler summers.

Marine Traffic Chart by MapTracker

Marine Traffic Chart by MapTracker

Ideal Times to Charter

The yachting season dates for popular destinations, according to an article on Improve Sailing are as follows:

  • The Caribbean: Anytime
  • The Mediterranean: April – October, although the winter is fine as well
  • New England: June – September
  • Sea of Cortez: May – October
  • Australia: May – October
  • UK: throughout the year
  • South Pacific: mostly May – October
  • Northern Europe: June – August

See more ideal times to charter a yacht on our map below.

We hope that the information here is helpful in planning your dream yacht vacation. Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, and ideas.

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