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I love hearing from clients when they return from their yachting adventures.  It is the best way to get the most current information.  Whether you begin in St. Thomas or in Tortola – these insights are primarily on the British Virgin Islands.


From Carol Kent Yacht Charters International – Client

Spend a day at Anegada – this is the only island you can’t see when sailing around – feels like you are sailing to end of the earth.  Plan ahead and rent Mokes or Jeeps (your captain can arrange) Amazing Rentals Jeep and Scooter Rental and Taxi.

Then go to Anegada Beach Club.  They have the “kite surfing lessons” there and it’s an easy / no boat place to learn.  You may need to reserve in advance.  It is also a great place to catch lunch.  They have flamingos ashore. 

Pelican Island and walk past the restaurant to the beach and the BEST snorkeling for miles. It’s amazing!  “What a wonderful scuba diving site! Highly recommended”

Saba Rock.  It’s a great place for sunset and dinner.  Play pool, and be treated (and okay to go barefoot or dress up).

Adjacent (same mooring as Saba) is Bitter End Yacht Club. Dingy over for fresh pastries or cookies in the morning. Great pizza oven for lunch and recreational toys. 

We love Cooper Island. It’s small but great snorkeling and we have eaten in. Also an ice cream shop. You can grab a drink and sit in beach water with drink on their stands. 

Whitefish Bay – OCEAN SPA Floating Spa with 3 masseuses that are excellent from Thailand and Bali.  They will pick you up from your boat by dingy. 

We always look for the best snorkeling / swimming so we love Peter Island for that too – their resort hasn’t opened back up since storm but may be by then. 


 PACK LIKE A SAILOR – tips on traveling on your yacht vacation.

Your Captain will arrange activities for your group…just ask and review as you sip on a cool beverage 

United States and British Virgin Islands Chart


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