Choose your destination that will be affordable for your guest list and start a year in advance planning!

Destination Weddings

Three generations will enjoy celebrating one of life’s most important decision.  So, make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy and be excited to join you.

Options for choosing a destination wedding:

FLOTILLA cruising on board spacious catamarans combine more than two yachts sailing side by side on each family and couples have their own yachts which provide water toys, comfortable accommodations and something for everyone to enjoy.  We match up comparable yachts for all budgets.

5 Tips to start planning your destination wedding:

  1. Setting the date is the most important factor when beginning the process.  Thanksgiving is an ideal time for choosing the US and British Virgin Islands.  Weather is ideal and the charter rates are often “off season” until December 15th.
  2. What can your friends and family afford?  Sharing the cost of a charter yacht with crew can range from