Only eight of the 40 islands and cays of the Turks and Caicos are inhabited — a good indicator of the relaxing ambience you’re sure to experience. Pristine, uncrowded beaches provide a welcome distraction from the bustle of 21st-century life. Glimpse the diversity of the islands on your private yacht charter vacation, from the restaurants and nightlife in the capital Providenciales to the history of Grand Turk, where Christopher Columbus first made landfall in the New World. Get away from it all in Salt Cay, where you may think you’ve been transported back in time, or explore the lush woodlands of North Caicos.

65ft Sailing catamaran Lolalita in blue-green water with toys and circle of floating friends and family
Windsurfing at sunset Caribbean
Woman swimming with flippers on the beach
Jet ski and yacht from Caribbean beach


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Blue Haven – Begin your charter yacht at Blue Haven Marina. (Suggested itinerary – compliments of the Blue Haven Marina, Providenciales)


South Caicos – Head to South Caicos, cruising around the north of the islands where the water is deeper. This is the longest passage of the 10 day itinerary, taking you past many islands and cays with beautiful beaches. Spend the night on the southern end of the island, between South Caicos and Long Cay. While you are there, enjoy snorkeling, whale watching (January to April), beach barbecues, tour the historic village and have your chef prepare some of the plentiful lobster (in season), conch and fish from the fish co-op. (Distance: 75 miles)


Grand Turk – This is the island capital of Turks and Caicos and is both the historic and financial center. Their main heritage attraction is the National Museum, and there are things to do in the cruise ship port. There are also some great beaches to explore. The diving, fishing and snorkeling here are also well known. Take a short tender ride (1 mile or so) to Gibbs Cay where you can swim with the friendly stingrays right from the beach. There is an anchor zone at the southern end of Grand Turk. (Distance: 22 miles)


Salt Cay – Take the short passage to the historic and rustic island of Salt Cay. Here time has stood still, and you can still see the preserved sites from when salt raking and the salt trade was the islands’ biggest economy in the 1800s. Dive a 17th century British warship, watch the elegance of the humpback whales playing in these pristine waters (Jan to April). Bird watching opportunities abound, with the famous Turks pink flamingos often spotted. There is an anchor zone on the western side of the cay. (Distance: 6.5 miles)


Big Sand Cay – The next recommended destination stop is the uninhabited island of Big Sand Cay. This small island is a designated bird sanctuary and also great for snorkeling. Take a hike on this small Island to explore and then relax on some of the best beaches in the Islands. The anchoring area is on the western side. (Distance: 10 miles)


French Cay – Head to uninhabited French Cay for some of the best snorkeling and spectacular diving in all of Turks and Caicos, with many dive sites surrounding this small cay. It is also a peaceful sanctuary for migratory birds. (Distance: 70 miles)


West Caicos – Set course for West Caicos where there are many excellent dive sites off the west coast, as well as several moorings. Dive the wall, which drops off some 7000 feet, where large sea life is often seen. Topside depth range is between 40 to 90 feet, allowing diving for a wide range of divers from beginners to experts. (Distance: 18 miles)


Providenciales – Make your way back towards Providenciales to Northwest Point off Sam Bay. Book ahead for dinner reservations at Amanyara Resort; while your there, have a spa treatment to relax the body. Watch the stunning sunset with a cocktail in hand. (Distance: 14 miles)


Grace Bay – Cruise gently into Grace Bay beach and enjoy the day anchored. Restaurants and day spas are plentiful along the Grace Bay beach. Take a walk along this number one beach in the Caribbean (As awarded by Trip Advisor). From here, day trips onto Providenciales can be arranged to include activities like horse back riding, paddle boarding, kite surfing and kayaking, just to name a few. (Distance: 12 miles)

DAY 10

Blue Haven – Arrive back at Blue Haven Marina and a relaxing end to your charter experience. (Distance: 5 miles)