The island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, Italy

The island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, Italy

ITALY and the wonders of Naples, Capri, Ishia & The PONTINE ISLANDS

From the cradle of the Gulf of Naples, pass by Capri’s Faraglioni and stop in Ischia for a thermal bath before enjoying the relaxation awaiting you on the Pontine Islands.

NAPLES: On a luxury yacht charter

Light and darkness, good and evil are mixed among the thousands of souls of the former capital of the Bourbon Kingdom. Naples fascinates and frightens, it makes you dream and intimidates the tourists, but the motto “see Naples and die” has its reasons, in this charming city in Southern Italy.

Naples, the administrative center of Campania and a city packed with attractions, is an A-list destination of a charter in the Gulf of Naples. Disembark at Molo Beverello, the large commercial port, and marina that generally welcomes pleasure cruisers, and kick off your visit with a stroll on the waterfront, a favorite meeting point of tourists and locals. The long itinerary stretches from Via Nazario Sauro all the way to Mergellina, at the foot of Via Caracciolo, where you can have a coffee at one of the main chalets that animate the promenade, gazing at a beautiful view of the promontory of Posillipo, Castel dell’Ovo, Mount Vesuvio, and Capri.

And it’s already time to discover the soul of Naples: Spaccanapoli is the artery that splits the city in two, home to churches, palazzos, and artisan workshops. Marvel at underground Naples, crossed by a maze of century-old tunnels and caves that sheltered the population from bombing during World War II.  The San Severo Chapel, the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Chiara, the Church of Gesù Nuovo and that of San Lorenzo are all worth a visit.

NAPLES: Shopping, Museum visits, and Local Specialties

Find the best international brands and sophisticated jewelry shops in the area going from Via Chiaia, Via dei Mille and Via Filangieri to Galleria Umberto I and the beautiful Piazza Plebiscito with the Royal Palace overlooking the sea. There, find also the exclusive patio of Café Gambrinus offering delicious warm sfogliatellas, and a stone’s throw from it, the informal pizzeria Sorbillo with its choice of equally mouth-watering fried pizzas.

Not to miss are visits to the Museum and Royal Park of Capodimonte, Naples’ green lung, to the National Archaeological Museum, and to the Charterhouse and gardens of San Martino, perched on the hill of Vomero and offering a breath-taking view of the city.

The area between the gulfs of Naples and Gaeta is the destination of the perfect cruise. Renting a yacht in Capri, with its elegant shopping district made of narrow alleys, or Ischia, sporting gardens and thermal spots, offers the chance to experience an exclusive holiday. Add Procida and Vivara’s transparent waters and Ponza, if you’re looking for a glamorous time at the sea, Palmarola, and Ventotene for a spell into wild outdoors.

Taking off from Naples, full of history, art, and attractions of all kinds that have beckoned travelers since the times of the Grand Tour, you might think your holiday is complete. And yet, a few miles off the coast Capri and the Phlegraean Islands of Ischia, Procida, Vivara, and Nisida await.

The influx of tourists has made these sites world-famous and is proof of the beauty of these islands, which have even more to give to those who choose them for their luxury charter holiday: a rich offer that can satisfy both demanding and withdrawn cruisers, partygoers, and nature enthusiasts. Very different worlds coexisting side by side, sometimes separated only by a few kilometers of coast.

Luxury yachts off Capri in Italy

Luxury yachts off Capri in Italy



Capri does not need an introduction. The blue island is an iconic destination that evokes dreamy scenarios in the minds of yachters. The Blue Grotto, with its stunning but fearful effects of color and light; the Faraglioni; the narrow shopping alleys; the famed Piazzetta, the backdrop of innumerable films and of the Sixties’ jet-set life; the smell of lemons and the unforgettable taste of hand-made limoncello; the breathtaking vista of the Gulf of Naples contribute to Capri’s timeless charm.

Capri is an obligatory stop of every Luxury Yacht Charter tour in the Gulf of Naples. It’s easy to know why: with deep links with the star system and fashion world, Capri is an island in the South of Italy, meaning that it prides itself on its warm and welcoming hospitality that can be experienced at renowned resorts like Capri Palace and Grand Hotel Quisisana, and refined restaurants that have been here for generations.

Capri has plenty of rocky and pebbly beaches with sand being only a distant memory, replaced by intimate coves that can be approached only by the sea.

Marina Grande is the island’s largest beach, featuring lidos and free areas to spend a lovely morning and hit the super-exclusive Bagni di Tiberio. Walk from Marina Piccola down via Krupp to instead reach the two strips of sand lying at the sides of Scoglio delle Sirene, the Rock of the Sirens. Other not-to-be-missed activities include visiting the scenic spot Belvedere di Punta Tragara and eating at one of the two restaurants opening onto a breath-taking vista; participating in a boat tour of the Grotta Azzurra, the Blue Grotto, and having a quick back by the surrounding rocks; and, finally, stopping by the lighthouse in Punta Carena, concluding your day with a dip into the vermillion sea: this is the only spot in Capri where the sun sets in the sea. A romantic dinner in the roads by the Faraglioni is the perfect close of a stop-over in Capri on your Mediterranean charter.

Reaching Capri by the sea from Naples or the other towns of the Amalfi Coast is easy. You can dock your boat at Marina Grande.

Chartering a yacht in Capri is a unique experience, full of excitement and beautiful memories to make. Choosing to sail to the Blue Island is easy since this enchanted site has no equal.

Discover Ponza & Ventotene on your Pontine Islands Yacht Charter

North of the Gulf of Naples and opposite the town of Gaeta sits another archipelago: the Pontine Islands. Ponza and Ventotene are the main attractions –  the former is inhabited all year long, the latter is part of a Marine Protected Area that includes also the outcrop of Santo Stefano. These islands have a rugged coastline featuring bays and grottos clad in lush vegetation. Popular with snorkelers, they boast natural coves and shipwrecks populated with colonies of fish and marine plants. Packed with historical relics, they draw also archaeologists.


The largest of the Phlegrean islands, Ischia is also known as the green island to maintain, even today, a wild and almost untouched large part.

Ischia, in the heart of the Gulf of Naples, is the island of wellness. The beneficial properties of its thermal springs derive from the precious minerals and nutrients that they soak up in their long journey underground and are recommended to treat several respiratory and skin diseases. Ischia’s thermal baths and a vast choice of beauty farms, thermal parks, and medical-aesthetic centers are known all over the world and are perfect to regain the right physical and psychological balance

A holiday in Ischia on a charter is also a great occasion to discover the plush entourage of pinewood and natural spots like the “La Mortella” gardens and the panoramic Bosco della Maddalena, or sandy retreats in the midst of secluded bays and promontories. There’s also plenty of opportunities to enjoy lovely walks down the many trails that sneak around Mount Epomeo, the 788-meter mountain that presides over the island.

Ischia counts the six municipalities of Ischia, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Serrara Fontana, and Barano. The Aragonese Castle, exuding the romance of its long history, is worth visiting for its unique belvedere. Finally, treat yourself to a shopping tour in the sophisticated Via Roma and Via Vittoria Colonna, boasting many plush boutiques and artisan workshops.


Not far from their bigger sister, the island of Ischia, Procida and the nearby islet of Vivara are a desirable destination for a day full of good food and a dip in the sea. Low and sandy coasts alternate with strips of high and rugged coasts overlooking the sea. A nice alternating promontories, bays, and coves offer an ideal shelter for navigation. Featured by three ports positioned on different sides of the island, Procida also includes the Regno di Nettuno Protected Marine Area.

Procida, described by the writer Elsa Morante in her novel “Arturo’s Island”, presents narrow streets lined with pastel-colored houses that lean against each other and are fragrant with the scent of the surrounding orchards and prickly pears. In the nine districts that make up its territory time seems to have stopped, offering authentic ambiance during a luxury charter cruise in the Gulf of Naples.

The island’s main harbor is Marina Grande, dominated by the crenelated Palazzo Montefusco, while Marina Corricella – where the Italian actor Massimo Troisi filmed his movie “Il Postino” – is the oldest district, home to several small fish restaurants offering a laid-back ambiance away from the chaos.

Procida has many bays and inlets of transparent waters, like the beaches of Ciraccio and Chiaiolella. The shallow waters of Porto Vecchio and Chiaia are a great option for families with children.

Save time to visit the outcrop of Vivara that is connected to the island of Procida by a picturesque small bridge. This formation is nothing other than the western side of the old volcano that gave origin to some of the Phlaegrean islands. Today, it is a WWF-protected area managed with care by the local wildlife organizations with the help of the regional authorities.


The largest of the Pontine islands, Ponza, is full of breathtaking scenery and unmissable views. Its coasts, alternating jagged beaches and small coves to be conquered only by boat are a paradise for those who arrive on this island aboard a luxury charter. A real gem for lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving: there are numerous underwater caves and small cliffs.

Ponza, once a prominent Roman seaport, features the remains of an imposing dam, large villas, and fish farms. Approaching the coast on a luxury charter in the Pontine Islands, the outline of the terraced farms and candy-colored houses is clearly visible. The elegant Piazzetta, a gathering spot of the local high life, is the heart of the island.

Ponza’s most charming beaches on a luxury charter

Opt for the soft sands of Sant’Antonio, snorkeling heaven, for a dip into transparent waters. An old Roman passage connects it to Giancos – a stone’s throw from the marina. Another tunnel dating to Roman times is the access point to the famous Chiaia di Luna, a crescent-shaped spot surrounded by cliffs of white tuff overlooking the sea. Other dazzling beaches include Cala Cercata, Cala Cavone, Grotta del Corallo, Cala Gaetano, and Cala Felci.

Ponza boasts 40 kilometers of rugged coastline, dotted with inlets and small bays that are best discovered on a charter. Near Le Forna find three volcanic pools carved in the tuff by wind and sea. This bewitching spot has crystal-clear waters and a rocky seabed that attracts experienced divers.

Palmarola: Trekking trails and enchanting views

Go on interesting trekking adventures on Mounts Guarnieri, Tramontana, and Radica in Palmarola, the third island not far from Ponza and Ventotene, before retreating to your boat to chill, surrounded by wild and beautiful nature. The waters near Faraglione di Mezzogiorno house a spellbinding grotto, while the bay of La Forcina – transparent waters and sandy seabed – has boulders showing layers of stratifications and lava flows formed across the centuries. It is, however, La Cattedrale, the Cathedral, that holds a prime place among Palmarola’s most beautiful spots. Here, the elements have carved basalt hollows into the coastline, forming tall narrow caves in the shape of Gothic cathedrals.

Ponza, Ventotene, and Palmarola feature evocative sights, clear waters, and secluded bays to discover on a luxury charter in the Pontine Islands.


A Pontine archipelago’s small volcanic island: Ventotene, along with the islet of Santo Stefano, wild and full of mystery, is an intimate island, where the narrow alleys of the village are mixed with the charm of unspoiled landscapes.

The Roman ruins of ancient villas, aqueducts and the harbor carved in volcanic rock lend a rough and melancholy air to Ventotene, perfect for affording a spell in the tranquil atmosphere of natural, off-the-radar sites.

Ventotene on a charter unveils a beautiful island of low houses, slow rhythm, and the kind of natural landscape that attracts snorkeling, trekking, and sailing enthusiasts.

A luxury charter in Ventotene lets you experience the thrill of trying water sports like snorkeling and windsurfing. Interesting spots to explore the sea are Secca dell’Architetto, a 50-meter deep shallow located 300 meters off the coast, “Punta dell’Arco”, reaching a depth of 40 meters and made even more interesting by the presence of two caves, and the shipwreck of Santa Lucia (Relitto di Santa Lucia) that sunk to a depth of about 40 meters following an airplane attack in 1943. Recommended to amateurs is the equally picturesque Punta Pascone, whose black seabed of volcanic sand featuring a large cave stretches out 15 meters below the surface.

The marina, carved entirely in the rock, offers a safe shelter to boats in case of bad weather. Archaeology buffs cannot miss visiting the Archaeological Museum housed inside the Bourbon fort in the municipality of Ventotene, packed with finds. Villa Giulia, named after the banished daughter of the Roman emperor who lived here, is another evocative site and an important spot of bird migration that attracts birdwatching enthusiasts (note also the Migrations Museum, offering interactive information stands).

From Ventotene set sail on your comfortable luxury charter on a journey of discovery of Ischia and Ponza, or the Amalfi Coast, a land rich in history, flavors, and breath-taking sights.

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