We recognize that our yacht charter clients have spent significant time and energy into researching options before they choose us.  To help you benefit from their experience and reach that same conclusion with greater ease and confidence, we have created this website within our website to help you with the questions, answers and considerations that are part of making a confident decision.  Enjoy!

If you have ever dreamed about what an adventure escape might be like, start over.  Start here.  The search for an oceangoing leisure experience can get complicated, but here we help you unravel and answer some of the important questions that we frequently hear.

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Compare the Privacy

A yacht charter offers the ultimate in privacy and luxury, plus any combination of experiences and indulgences you care to include. Those options can range from a tranquil, secluded bay, a warm deserted beach, a relaxing drift across balmy seas, or an action-packed water sports journey in, on and under the ocean. Other favorite client options include cultural immersion, gastro-tourism, sports, history, photography, diving, dining, shopping, and eco-tourism.

The range of world destinations and their spectacular natural beauty, sailing under first-class accommodations, offers the ultimate opportunity for rejuvenation and quality time with your closest loved ones. The service is spectacular, too, not just because of the professional staff, but also because our Class A yachts have more support staff per guest than any other type of travel experience you can imagine. In short, you don’t need to clamor for attention.

The variety of yacht choices can seem daunting at first, but our yacht selector and enquiry guide help you find yachts and ideas that match your needs, wishes and destinations. Simply start planning with some basics in mind, and we can help you with the rest, including some often surprisingly creative details. We guide you before, during and after, through the intricacies of pricing, contracts, local customs and style-matched activities, including how to “pack like a sailor” for your journey.

There is no app for this. Our years of client-acclaimed and industry-awarded expertise is your assurance of an advantageous relationship with all the partners and resources you need for an exhilarating yachting experience.

Compare a Hotel

This is your dream, brought to life. It has no set location. It has no strict schedule. It has no rude shouting, jostling strangers competing for limited resources or scant staff attention. It is exclusively yours to enjoy.

Unlike a hotel, a yacht charter can present a different ocean sunrise at each anchorage and port along your journey. Your own private chef prepares meals and beverages from a menu with ingredients you specifically select, and serves it at time of your choosing, at a location you select – either on your yacht’s private, open-air deck, or on a sunny beach, or packed to go along with you on a shore excursion. Meanwhile, your yacht crew outfits your yacht each day with all the toys and equipment you wish to use, at any time of day you desire. It’s all exclusively at your disposal, with no lines or waiting or rude crowds.

Your floating luxury suite enables you to visit exclusive, hard to reach places, including private coves, breathtaking bays and reefs, local scenic ports, and Michelin starred dining ashore at select ports of call.

Unlike the photoshopped brochures of tranquil hotel pools and intimate restaurants, your charter yacht actually delivers on that promise of privacy, serenity and luxury. You need no reservations for anything you wish to do on your yacht, and your schedule is flexible – almost whimsical, depending mostly on the weather.

If you wish to attend a sporting event or cultural attraction like, for instance, the Monaco Grand Prix, or the Newport Jazz Festival, you need not compete for scarce, cramped, noisy onshore lodging. Your floating suite goes with you. There is no need to pack, unpack and repack repeatedly. The result is carefree, convenient access to some of the world’s most exciting and exclusive activities, locales and cultural attractions.

How would you like to spend your time? Do you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, paddling or submarining? Consider it done. If you wish to sunbathe on deck or on a secluded beach, you won’t be jostling with crowds for space, chairs, towels, privacy, or a preferred scenic view or location. Isn’t that calming?

Finally, there is price. Consider the price of a luxury hotel and all the additional itemized expenses like food, drinks, activities and access to amenities.  These are especially problematic during high season, when there is no assurance that your wishes can be met.  A private yacht charter contract means all pricing is negotiated and agreed ahead of departure.  Many of the features that cost extra at a hotel are included with your yacht. The result: less guesswork, fewer surprises, and fewer money hassles.

Compare a Cruise Ship

Compared to a cruise ship, yachting gives you the ultimate in freedom and privacy.  Services, accommodations, activities, cuisine and more, are all at your control.  A dedicated crew, with a much higher crew to guest ratio, who have all been briefed on your needs and wishes ahead of departure, is something no cruise ship can offer.

Privacy is assured for you and your dear guests. On your private yacht, the only other people are the ones you have chosen, plus of course your dedicated crew. There are no throngs of thousands, competing and interfering with your wish fulfilment.

Your yacht charter ensures you have exclusive access and control throughout your journey.  You can select the itinerary, shore excursions and daily schedule. Unlike a cruise ship, notorious for leaving stragglers behind, your yacht is exclusively yours to schedule. If you wish to linger longer in a certain port, or divert to an unplanned nearby attraction, you can probably do it at no extra cost.  Your itinerary, menu, budget, schedule and activity plans are yours to do with as you wish.

Unlike a cruise ship, the entire crew is exclusively and attentively at your service. A steward assures your needs and requests are met. Your chef, a culinary expert, tends to your likes, dislikes and dietary needs, so that you are continually delighted. Unlike a cruise, your meals, snacks and beverages are available at any hour you choose. Unlike a cruise ship, there are no set dining schedules, the risk of contagion is near zero, the sanitation is stellar, the pace is relaxed, and the scenery is stunning at every turn.

Unlike a cruise ship, activities are subject to your whim and wish. Special activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, shore visits and sightseeing are all flexible based on your timing. You choose when, where and what you do.

Yachting can also be much safer, Since you are traveling in the close company of family and friends, you are unlikely to face crime or contract an illness. If a medical or other emergency should arise, your dedicated crew, trained in such matters, are close at hand to respond quickly. If a visit to port is required, a change of course is easier to do; no cruise ship will change course for you. In the rare event of a mechanical problem with your yacht, the flexibility to enter just about any port for attention is something simply not available to those complicated, thousand-ton cruise ships, which have been reported to drift at sea for days awaiting repairs, often without food, water, sanitation or other help.

Your yacht charter assures you freedom, privacy, flexibility and control to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.