Belize | Central America



Discover what Jacques Cousteau did in 1972 when he came upon the bottomless pit of the famous Blue Hole in Belize.  You to can snorkel and dive along the 2nd Greatest Barrier Reef and come across free divers who fish for a living off this stunning and “unpopulated” coastline from Belize to the Panama Canal.

69′ EMMY  8 Guests|Panama City                                                                            65’ Sail LEGACY  12 Guests| Belize                                                                       60′ FOREVER 8 Guests| Cancun                                                                               55′ Sail PAJE   6 Guests|San Blas                                                                              54′ Sail  INFINITY  6 Guests|Belize                                                                       50′ Sail DORIS  6 Guests|Belize

December – July

View an itinerary of Belize

  • Belize City
  • Goff’s Cay
  • South Water Cay
  • Pelican Cay
  • Placencia
  • Seal Cay
  • Sappodila Cay
  • Ranguana Cay
  • Laughing Bird Cay
  • Queen Cay Pass
  • Buttonwood Cay