Aug 182016
Croatia yachting review from our clients

Photo sent from our clients aboard 92′ AURUM this week

92′ Gulet AURUM charters exclusively in Croatia from May to early October.  We just received this email from our clients who are still on their family vacation.

“WE ARE IN HEAVEN. Can’t recommend the boat or crew enough. Top notch in all respects and we don’t want it to ever end. Captain Jere is the absolute best. Will tell you more later! Hope I can return here with same boat and crew.”  August 2016

Our own Sue Gearan arranged this charter and nailed it with her expertise! The client and family are sailing round trip to and from Split, Croatia.  Sue tailored and coordinated the itinerary with the Captain and our clients.

Ports of call on this unique vacation voyage in the Adriatic Sea included UNESCO‬ sites such as the Pakleni Islands‬, the village of Milna, Lastovo‬, Korcula‬, the breathtaking Jelsa Islands of Vis‬ and Hvar, known as “the Santorini of Croatia”.  This itinerary is best for experiencing the region’s history and culture.

Another Croatia itinerary option to consider:  Trogir to Dubrovnik

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Have a Croatian Heart

 Posted by on February 14, 2014  CK News, Destination Spotlight
Feb 142014

Have a Croatian Heart

Have a Croatian Heart Today!When you go to the lovely Dalmatian Coast on your summer yacht vacation, you will see many hearts that are the symbol of the Croatian people.

Called Licitars, these traditional, heart-shaped ornaments are usually found in northern Croatia. They are made of sweet honey dough and dyed in bright colors in red and white. I have kept a Licitar necklace, still intact and wearable.

This Valentines Day I thought of my recent trip to Croatia, sailing on the 122′ Sail Yacht Navilux.

She accommodates 12 guests in luxurious accommodations. A group of us had the “virgin sail” from Sibinek to Kirke Falls in 4nights/5days.  OurCrew_122'Sailyacht_Croatia_carolkent.comOur Crew of 8 could not have been more caring and fun. Dragon, our Chef, inspired us with his stories and his goals.

Prepared by Dragon our Chef



Happy Valentines Day!  Now is the time to plan your European Yacht Vacation!

You will visit many islands; my favorite is Trogir, only 20 minutes from the Split Airport.  Trogir is an ideal boarding town: quaint, artistic, and the sound of ringing bells every day will transport you back in time.

Trogir, 5-18-2012 7-30-21 AM.comFLAG_carolkent.comMORE YACHTS TO CONSIDER

164′ Perni Navi Luxury Sail Yacht (10 Guests)

163′ Ultra Modern Luxury Motor Yacht (12 Guests)

147′ Luxury Motor Yacht (14 Guests)

114′ Luxury Motor Sailor (14 Guests)

82′ Oyster Sailing Yacht (6 Guests)

74′ Luxury Motor Yacht (10 Guests)

 This is just the beginning of the many choices for your special Valentine!