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Corporate Incentives are Tax Deductible

Corporate Incentives are tax deductible when you reward for performance!

The ultimate unique corporate reward is the gift of travel.

OHANA_Cape Cod and Islands
Cape Cod and the Islands for a weekend getaway

According to a Washington-based lawyer specializing in travel law, a published review in the September 22, 2014 issue of Travel Weekly offers this enlightening “good news”.

You want to reward your top sales performer by gifting them a romantic weekend getaway this fall or next summer.  The key phrase is “reward for performance” incentive.

This beautiful 61′ OHANA5 modern motor yacht is ideal for two guests including Captain and Mate.  Boarding in Boston Friday evening to Sunday noon, the total cost can be deducted. The “gift” to the lucky couple is considered income.

Therefore to avoid any tax burden, the corporation can include a cash allowance approximately equal to the taxes that would be owed in an average tax bracket, although that allowance itself would be taxable income.

Always check with your tax accountant when dealing with incentive travel deductions.

Arranging Incentive Programs or Gift Certificates on a private yacht will achieve your ROI goals.  We have experience in creating yacht flotillas in the Caribbean,  executive retreats on board luxury yachts worldwide and gift certificates for those special people.