Yachting in Norway offers many beautiful itinerary options from the fjords to the open sea. Our boats take travelers to visit colorful cities, towns and villages, archipelagos and the world-reknowned Norwegian fjords, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beauty of these yachts is that they float around the world. Boats are available in different places at different times.

We shared our famtrip insights on Sailing and Skiing in Norway here.  Also, our friend and master of Norwegian sailing, Captain Andrew, gives us a thoughtful overview of sailing in Norway in his guest post beginning with:

“I have to fully admit that my vocabulary is entirely inadequate to express the experiences we had this past summer in Norway. Before this summer, I thought that something being “breathtaking” was only an expression, but I found myself gasping for breath on several occasions.  Norway is a truly amazing cruising location with almost unlimited options!”

Suggested 14 day itinerary from our friends at the M/Y PLAN B

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Board in Bergen.  Cruising from Bergen into the Hardangerfjord (Hardangerfjord is the third longest fjord in the world, and the second longest fjord in Norway).  Anchor or berth at the beautiful village Rosendal. Fish salmon in your own private river, take a hike, or just walk around in the idyllic village. The Barionet Rosendal 1665 Manor is situated between fjords, glacier, mountains and waterfalls.


Wake up at berth in Rosendal. Sail into the heart of the Hardangerfjord, to Lofthus. Consider a helicopter flight in the area with a special close to flight over the spectacular Troll’s Tongue. Lofthus offers dramatic views of the Folgefonna glacier.  Be sure to listen to Morning Mood by the famous Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg while absorbing the fjords. Visit The Hardanger Folk Museum (founded in 1911).


Wake up at anchor in Eidfjord. Visit the Kjeåsen Mountain Farm which is 600 meters above sea level with its rich soil, the farm is full of nourishment and the sun is guaranteed almost year-round. Sailing out of the Hardangerfjord on the north side of the fjord. Cruise along idyllic villages and beautiful surroundings. Arrive in the small village of Bekkjarvik, a trading station during the 17th century.  Guided land tours can be arranged by a local with stories to tell. Dinner made by the winner of Bocuse d’Or 2015!


Wake up at berth in Bekkjarvik, located on the northeastern coast of the island of SELBJORN.

Bekkjarvik was an old trading station. Visit the fisheries museum at Bekkjarvik Torg, filled with coastal culture.  The 48-room Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri (A.D. 1600) historical hotel is well worth a visit, along with a sea farm to learn more about the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Sail north up to the Gulen area, many on-land activities and excursions can be arranged based on ocean experiences e.g. eagle safaris, fishing, etc.


Wake up at anchor in private surroundings in Gulen. Diver alert! Gulen Dive Resort is located in the heart of the Norwegian fjords with stunning scenery of its underwater. Discover wrecks, nudibranchs and abundant marine life. 

Cruise into the Sognefjordat on the south side. Sail into Finden, the sound of silence! The surroundings are very private and spectacular! Enter the Nærøyfjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Breathtaking views! Dinner and private concert in Magical White Caves may be arranged.


Wake up at anchor in the UNESCO Nærøyfjord which is 10.5 miles long and the narrowest point is only 0.155 miles wide.

Cruising through Nærøyfjord is one of the most dramatic fjord trips in Europe. “Maybe one of the most beautiful places on earth.”  ~ Unknown.  Arrive in Flåm, most noted for the Flåm Railway.

Fjord safari with a comfy RIB-boat that takes you close to the elements. Private lunch stop; hike to a goat farm where you may wish lunch and taste the cheese produced there. Flåm is a village with a vibrant life. The passage through Nærøyfjord is one of the most dramatic fjord trips summer season and a good place to buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon joining the famous Flåm 

Cruise to the peaceful and quaint neighborhood of typical Norwegian summer homes. In Fjærlandsfjord. 

Hike in easy terrain for about two hours in a beautiful valley up to the glacier Bøyabreen.

Consider riding back in a car to visit the The Norwegian Glacier Museum and quite possibly Norways most beautiful bookstore, The Norwegian Booktown, situated in Mundal, the centre of Fjærland.

In the afternoon, cruise out the Fjærlandsfjord heading for Balestrand. Anchor in the lovely Esefjord.


Start the day with a guided cultural heritage walk in the charming village Balestrand. The tour shows the historic artist colony, stop at the St Olav’s Church and the old Viking mounds. The walk ends at the Cider-house where you will be served dishes inspired by Norway and the Mediterranean. After a meal the owner will tell you about how they produce the cider. End the day with a Gregorian song in the Cider-cellar.


Depart Sognefjord. Cruise up the coast and into the lovely Dalsfjord. Anchor right next to an amazing waterfall. It’s a very nice area for hiking and kayaking. In the evening visit a lovely Opera farm for a concert and dinner in a real Norwegian authentic atmosphere.


Wake up at anchor in the Dalsfjord. Cruise out of the fjord and sail up the coast inside a beautiful archipelago to the lovely village Kalvåg. They have good conditions for kayaking and deep sea fishing. Try dinner from fresh seafood in the evening at the wonderful and charming restaurant Knutholmen.

DAY 10

Wake up at anchor in Kalvåg. Sail into the Nordfjordheading for Sandane. Anchor in the beautiful Gloppefjord next to the village Sandane. The nature here is lovely. There are very good opportunities for hiking and salmon fishing, plus an excursion to Jølster for white water rafting.

DAY 11

Wake up at anchor in the Gloppenfjord. Mountain bike in a very scenic area surrounded by three fjords and beautiful mountains before breaking for an outdoor picnic. That afternoon Sail into the dramatic Hyenfjord surrounded with steep mountains rising 1,000 meters above you. Cruise out the Nordfjord to the beautiful Selje for evening surfing with the kids at amazing beach!

DAY 12

Wake up at anchor in the bay of Selje. Guests leaves the yacht, and continue with a car or the helicopter for excursion to the area of Stryn for hiking a Via Ferrata, cycling in a beautiful valley, visiting a glacier, and a private lunch. Meanwhile the crew sails the yacht north to meet guests in the Norangsfjord. Dinner is held at the fairytale castle Hotel Union Øye.

DAY 13

Wake up at anchor in Norangsfjorden. The yacht sails into the Geirangerfjord without guests, who are hiking to one of the spectacular mountaintops in the area before an excursion with a car through the valley of Norangsdalen to watch the dramatic landscape. Guests boards the yacht, and spend the evening cruising on the Geirangerfjord.

DAY 14

Slowly cruise out of the majestic Geirangerfjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arrive Ålesund. Guests leave Norway through Ålesund airport Vigra.