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Last day of the Volvo Ocean Races in Boston TOMORROW!

Volvo Ocean Races: Boston
Volvo Ocean Races: Boston

Tomorrow is the last day that the Volvo Ocean Races will be in Boston as the sailors make their way from Boston to Galway Ireland.  Currently Team Ericson 4 holds the lead by 12.5 points ahead of Telefonica Blue, Puma Ocean Racing and several other competitors.  Catch the action, sights and sounds TOMORROW in Boston’s Inner Harbor to see if Teach Ericson 4 can hold the lead on their way to Galway, Ireland.

The best way to catch the action?  Charter a boat for you and your friends to see the racing up close and personal.  Contact Carol Kent today to take in the last day of Boston’s premier aquatic event of 2009, which ends TOMORROW!


*The race course might not necessarily be as depicted in the diagram above (weather dependent)*


The Volvo Ocean Race Restart will be in Boston’s Inner Harbor which will make for spectacular race viewing both on-water and ashore (course diagram above), before racing out of the harbor and off to Galway, Ireland.


10:30 – 11:00

Race Committee & Marshal Boats leave dock

11:45 – 12:15

Race Boat Departure Ceremony


Scheduled start of the Leg 7 race to Galway, Ireland


VHF 67 Race Commentary (live commentary and safety information)

VHF 16 Emergency Hailing (keep non distress traffic off this channel)

VHF 72 Race Management Communications (keep off this channel)


See diagram above for the race course, spectator viewing areas, and VIP spectator exclusion areas;

•The yachts will start between an orange flag on Fan Pier and a black/white/orange Volvo inflatable mark;

•The yachts will sail one lap as diagrammed above before heading out of Boston Harbor, through President Roads and out North Channel,

across Broad Sound on their way to Galway, Ireland. (If needed, the race course can be modified)


•The spectator exclusion zones will be bound by orange and yellow inflatable marks as diagrammed above;

•Spectator boats should take up position on the airport side of the harbor outside the yellow marks and the main ship channel. Spectator boats can also be northwest of yellow exclusion marks off of Charlestown;

•Only boats flying official Press, TV, Umpire or Race Official flags are allowed inside the exclusion zone;

•Please follow the instructions of any official marshal boats (red flags);

•There is one VIP race viewing area reserved for flagged boats only (on the airport side of the harbor – directly adjacent to the start line). Thisrestricted area is bound by large orange inflatable marks.


•Observe the Rules of the Road and use common sense;

•Ships constrained by draft have the right of way and spectator craft must stay clear of the main ship channel;

•Sailboats must keep their sails down in the area adjacent to the spectator exclusion zone;

•Abide by directions of any law enforcement vessels and official flagged boats at all times.

•After all the race boats have passed by on the final leg of the Inner Harbor race course, spectator boats can follow the last race boat out ofthe harbor at a safe speed and distance in order to insure the safety of both the race boats and other spectator vessels