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Sailing off Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard ~ Photograph © Frank Ficken

Setting Sail for the Joys of Boating Season in New England!

Like swallows returning to Capistrano, the boating season in New England has begun! Driving on highways and city streets, you will see sail and motor yachts everywhere being trailed by their owners or boatyards.

115' Classic Teak Schooner EROS has hosted many enduring celebrities and was commandeered to rescue soldiers from Dunkirk!
115' Classic Teak Schooner EROS has hosted many enduring celebrities and was commandeered to rescue soldiers from Dunkirk!

These wonderful vessels, still shrink-wrapped in their white winter clothing, are ready to disrobe and take the spring plunge.

Ahead lies the anticipation of the long days of summer.

The boating life, whether you have a Marblehead town class sail boat, an inflatable dinghy, or your newly purchased 70’ Princess motor yacht…you have the bug.

The obsession to feel the freedom of the sea (or even that enticing lake or pond) sets us free.

The Joys of Yacht Charter Shows

My world, as a charter yacht broker, begins in the great yacht fest of Barcelona, then it’s on to Nafplion in Greece, Croatia, and the up-and-coming joys of the Turkish Coast.  Finally, in mid-June we have the Newport Yacht Charter Show, celebrating its 35th year.

This year we have designated a “Pro Guest” day pass, an invitation only for clients and travel-related folks, to come onboard a 60’-150’ sail and motor charter yachts. We felt we needed to share the excitement of yacht world.

Yacht-Crew-Client Matchmaking

Beginning at the end of April, yachts travel to these desirable marinas to showcase their shiny bright work, newly-updated interiors, and most of all, their endearing crews, dedicated to service. All these spots mentioned above are meccas for our crewed charter yachts that ply the Mediterranean Sea and New England.

“I want your job!” is a comment familiar to charter brokers.

Our job is to inspect, record, rate and get to know the often-seasonal change of captain, chef/cook and mates as they prepare for another summer season. Yes, we enjoy visiting yacht shows in beautiful places and we also work hard interviewing yacht crews with dozens of questions, seeking answers that we then can match up with our clients.

In honor of boating season in New England, we have selected 6 outstanding all-inclusive yacht charters in 3 categories for summer getaways.

Fab Family Yachts


BUILD/YEAR: Sunseeker (2019)

BASE RATE: $39,000+ per week

ESTIMATE: $58,500 all-inclusive w/tip = $9,750pp @ 6 guests

GUESTS: 6, CABINS: 3  1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Double/1 Twin

WHY BOOK? NEW! Fast, sleek & modern, sunroof & rear doors open to make huge area outside to in, newest stabilizers, Young top-rated crew.

FOR WHOM? Hamptons crowd, Cool kids, Couples, Families, Friends


BUILD/YEAR: Schooner (1939 – REFIT 2016)

BASE RATE: $42,000+ per week

ESTIMATE: $56,700 all inclusive w/tip = $7,087pp @ 8 guests

GUESTS: 8, CABINS: 4 = 1 Queen, 2 Doubles, 1 Twin, 1 Pullman

WHY BOOK? Perfect NE yacht – historical. Show stopper, Entertainment platform: see & be seen, Race classic circuit in Newport, Nantucket, Marblehead

FOR WHOM? Historians, Antiquers, Racers, Families, Friends, Couples

Fishing Aficionados


BUILD/YEAR: Hargrave (2016)

BASE RATE: $85,000+ per week

ESTIMATE: $127,500 all-inclusive w/tip $12,750pp @ 10 guests

GUESTS: 10, CABINS: 5 – 5 King/2 Twin cabins convert to kings

WHY BOOK? 5 KINGS! Toys: 25’ Chris Craft, wave runners, waterskis, wakeboard, SUPs, kayaks, underwater ROV, Drone, bikes. Veteran crew.

FOR WHOM? Generational group or 2 families, 5 Couples, Friends, Reunion.


BUILD/YEAR: Lagoon 500 cat (2011/Refit 2018)

RATE: $18,500+ per week

ESTIMATE: $21,500 all inclusive w/tip = $3,585pp @ 6 guests

GUESTS: 6, CABINS: 3 = 3 Queens

WHY BOOK? Excellent value for service/quality, Alternative to motor yacht. One of the few charter cats available in NE – busy boat.

FOR WHOM? Families, Friends, Couples, Honeymoon

Foodies Wanted


BUILD/YEAR: Westship (Refit 2015)

BASE RATE: $35,000+ per week

ESTIMATE: $52,500 all-inclusive w/tip = $8,750pp @6

GUESTS: 6, CABINS: 3 – 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Twins (convert to king)

WHY BOOK? BEST VALUE for size, master cabin w/California king, VIP twin cabin converts to king, 32’ Intrepid, 2 waverunners, water toys, Veteran A+ Crew

FOR WHOM? Generational families, Couples, Friends, Corporate.



BASE RATE: $57,500+ per week

ESTIMATE: $77,625 all inclusive w/tip = $12,900pp @ 6 guests

GUESTS: 6, CABINS: 3 = 1 Queen, 2 Twins

WHY BOOK? Veteran Captain, Excellent Chef, Top Cuisine, Specialty Wines, High level service, Modern meets traditional

FOR WHOM? Couples, Families, Foodies, Wine Connoisseurs, Classical Music Lovers, Luxury Honeymooners

Yacht charters is an exciting industry to be a part of, where characters are indeed welcome!

“Believe me, my young friend,” Kenneth Grahame wrote in The Wind in the Willows, “there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Boating is one of life’s fine delights. And what we want is to give more and more people the chance to share the joy!


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  1. Ed says:

    Memorial Day weekend was spectacular on the water. These yachts look fabulous. Will do some planning around your fleet offerings soon.

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