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WORLD WATER DAY March 22 2013

Think first about what you bring out on the water this summer
World Water Day – March 22nd and 23rd – at Carol Kent Yacht Charters office 11AM-3PM – recycling your marines electronics!

We are the First Yacht Charter Company to promote and embrace marine awareness for a global impact – Take the pledge “BOAT OWNERS CODE OF ETHICS” World Water Day 3 22 13 ckyc (Tips on what you can do for our precious water).

Each one of us as a boat owner and as charter guests need to think first before boarding!

*Spring Cleaning – time for ETHICAL ELECTRONICS RECYCLING in a joint effort with One Healthy Ocean it is a great start so hope you can join in.

Carol Kent, Tiffany Kirkman and Christopher Swain and Crew
[pdf http://carolkent.com/wp-content/pdfs/WorldWaterDay32213ckyc.pdf]