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Exterior Bridge of 147ft Feadship motor yacht HARLE

Antigua Charter Yacht Show Chef’s Competition 2018 Winners

Just back from the 2018 Antigua Charter Yacht Show and I can report that it was a raving success! Though I missed the ever-popular Chef’s Competition where top yacht chefs from around the world bring their best skills and creativity, reports confirm that everyone enjoyed this year’s theme: A New Year’s Eve Dinner Party Celebration.

For this competition, three prominent yacht charter brokers filled in guest preference forms with this theme in mind and the chefs cooked to their requests and special dietary requirements. The results were, by all accounts, brilliant! Congratulations to all who worked so hard on this event and to the award-winners whose innovation and attention to detail are endlessly excellent.

You might think, dear readers, that visiting boating capitals to vet gorgeous yachts and meet top-notch crews to match with our clients would be research enough. The truth is that when you engage a private yacht charter, the culinary experience that goes with it matters. With that in mind, we give extra attention (and love) to top yacht chefs and the joy of chefs’ competitions. In fact, we have a whole category devoted to chefs and competitions here on our blog.

Winners in the 160ft and Over Category

1stplace Chef Peter “Frosty” Frost aboard M/Y ETERNITY

2ndplace Chef Micail Swindalls aboard M/Y GO

3rdplace Chef David Pearson aboard M/Y GALAXY

Honorable Mention: Chef Megan Ross aboard M/Y AMARYLLIS

Table scaping winner: Echo Flores from M/Y ETERNITY

Winners in the 126-159ft Yacht Category

1stplace Chef Sebastian Springer aboard M/Y HARLE

3rdplace Chef Philip Clarke aboard M/Y RUYA

Winners in the Yachts up to 125ft Category

1stplace Chef Desree Pierce aboard Catamaran JOY

2ndplace Chef Inn Boisson aboard M/Y ARION

3rdplace Chef Ely Reyad aboard M/Y UNBRIDLED

Table scaping winner: Katie Kisch from M/Y UNBRIDLED

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