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British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Travel Update

COVID-19 BVI Travel Requirements UPDATED – 24th June 2022

Traveling to the BVI just got a bit easier.  This information is directly from the British Virgin Islands government website.

Effective 15th June 2022, travelers, regardless of their vaccination status are no longer required to register and apply to enter the Territory via the BVI Gateway Travel Application PortalProvision of evidence of travel insurance is also no longer required. 

The following requirements are specified for the purpose of allowing the entry of persons traveling to the Virgin Islands:

  • persons who are deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands
  • persons who are holders of Certificate of Residence under Section 18 of the Immigration and Passport Act
  • work permit holders
  • tourists/visitors

This travel protocol refers to stakeholders mentioned who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Please be advised that the categories listed are subject to specific requirements and conditions, including testing, monitoring, quarantine (if COVID positive), and self-isolation measures. This is to protect public health and for the prevention, control, and suppression of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Requirements Upon Entry to the Territory

  1. Travelers above the age of five years old are required to present:
  1. A RT-PCR or approved rapid antigen SARS CoV-2 negative test result taken no later than 48 hours before arrival; or
  2. a Recovery Certificate from a licensed medical professional certifying COVID-19 recovery within 90 days prior to arrival in place of a negative test.
  1. Travelers tested negative are allowed to move freely within the Territory and are encouraged to practice the usual sanitization measures including washing of hands.  The wearing of face masks/coverings is no longer mandated by law but is allowed as a matter of choice in public spaces, or as a policy of a business place or other establishment.   

NOTE:  Testing requirements shall not apply to “day-trippers” or persons five years and under.

Requirements for Travellers Unable to Present Their Test Results Upon Entry to the Territory

  1. Travelers who are unable to provide satisfactory evidence of a RT-PCR test or approved rapid antigen SARS CoV2 negative test result or COVID-19 Recovery Certificate or showing symptoms of illness shall be required to take a rapid antigen SARS CoV2 test on the day of arrival.  
  2. Travelers would be required to pay $50.00 to administer the rapid antigen SARs Cov-2 test.

Self-isolation/Screening Requirements

  1. Travelers testing positive for COVID-19 on entry are required to self-isolate in accordance with the COVID-19 protocols and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Development. 
  1. The wearing of well-fitted masks or face coverings should be worn if tested positive for COVID-19 if persons have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person, or whenever they attend mass gatherings or while utilizing communal transportation.
  1. Travelers are allowed to move freely within the Territory subject to a negative test result and adherence to the COVID-19 enactments and protocols, including sanitization measures.

General Requirements

  1. Approved Laboratory or Testing Service

Entry test results will be approved once performed by a registered medical laboratory or approved testing service, whose professional status and practicing certificate may be verified with the applicable regulatory authority in the jurisdiction where the test is administered.

  1. Testing Fees
  • $50 – Rapid antigen SARS Cov-2 test
  • $70 – RT-PCR test from a government testing facility
  1. Penalties and Fines

A person who provides any false or forged information or documentation including a false or forged RT-PCR or rapid antigen SARS CoV-2 test result or false or forged vaccination certificate or any other evidence of being fully vaccinated will be charged a fixed fine of $5,000.

IMPORTANT:  Refusal to pay the fine may lead to a Court offense and penalties of increased fines not mentioned above.

Miscellaneous Requirements (subject to update)

  1. Taxi Services
  • Once travelers are given a self-isolation order leave from the Customs and Immigration facility, they are dispatched to taxi or livery vehicles to wait, in the staging area.
  • Transportation then takes them to their approved location; passengers are expected to pay their fare as the VI Taxi Tariff prescribes.
  • Travelers that are going to Sister Islands are expected to prearrange their sea transportation with “Gold Seal Approved” charter companies. Approved Gold Seal transportation on the Sister Islands will also collect these persons and transport them to their approved self-isolation location.
  • The list of gold seal-approved charter companies can be retrieved from the Director of tourism.
  1. Testing Sites
  1. Travel Documentation

All travelers to the Virgin Islands are required to have the below-listed documents prior to travel in order to facilitate a smooth transition via Immigration Officers.  Travelers should review their specific cases based on the categories below:


Resident (Holder of Residence Status and/or Naturalized Citizen)

Resident (Work Permit or Work Permit Exemption Holder)

Non-Belonger Land Holders



  • id passport


  • Supporting documents (i.e. Birth Paper and/or Belonger Card or Belonger Certificate)


  • Valid passport or US passport card


  • Residence Card or certificate (where applicable)


  • Naturalization Certificate or BOTC passport


  • Valid passport


  • Valid Visa (where required)


  • Valid Entry Permit or Approval Letter from the CIO allowing entry on an expired Entry Permit
  • Valid Passport


  • Valid Visa (where required)


  • Valid Non-Belonger Land Holders License


  • Return ticket


  • Valid passport


  • Valid visa (where required)


  • Return ticket



  1. What to Expect Upon Arrival?
  • Upon arrival, travelers are expected to present all required documents to an Immigration Officer, as well as any information that may be requested in relation to their status and travels.
  • Travelers are also expected to answer any questions related to their travel documents and stay in the Virgin Islands.
  1. Additional Notes
    • Travelers desirous of entering the Territory without a valid passport should seek permission prior to entry from the Immigration Department. Their request must clearly outline the particulars surrounding them not having a valid document, their status in the Virgin Islands if any, and their purpose for entering. These requests should be emailed to immigrationinfo@gov.vgipenn@gov.vg, and ndemming@gov.vg for processing.For more information on the ongoing COVID-19 Response visit www.bvi.gov.vg
      Medical COVID-19 hotline – 284-852-7650
      Emergency – dial 911
      Police – dial 311                                                  
                                                                                          * * * 

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