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124ft Trinity motor yacht HAVEN docked in the Bahamas Carol Kent ©2021

Updated Travel Protocols for the Bahamas

Above: 124ft Trinity motor yacht HAVEN docked in the Bahamas ~ photo by Carol Kent©2021

As of February 8, 2022, from the Bahamas Ministry of Health:  

Travelers who test positive from recently recovering from covid that want to enter the Bahamas for a charter must apply for an exemption. Send a letter to doctors granting permission.

  1. A copy of the positive COVID test from 10 to 90 days prior to the intended travel date
  2. A clearance letter from a physician confirming that the traveler has completed at least 2 weeks of quarantine, is asymptomatic and fit for travel. (Clearance letter must include header/logo of medical facility and physician’s signature/stamp. Handwritten letters are *not* acceptable.)
  3. Provide intended date of travel
  4. Send email to Isaiahrolle@bahamas.gov.bs and teoriamurray@bahamas.gov.bs

Dr. I. Rolle

Senior House Officer

Department of Public Health

Ministry of Health, The Bahamas



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