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Yacht Charters Offer Uniquely Safe Travel

We are now traveling.  We still need to feel safe.  This coming summer holds some creative options.

According to a recent McKinsey report on airplane travel, commercial travelers may encounter up to 700 touchpoints, while private plane users encounter around 30-40 touchpoints. Of course, not everyone can spring for flying “private tail”, so we suggest the “Park and Embark” option. Driving to a nearby port and hopping directly aboard your own private floating hotel resort is quickly becoming a popular way to safely enjoy a yacht vacation this winter and beyond.

We suggest “Park & Embark” travel for US citizens Summer 2024.

Florida and the Keys offer incredible experiences for nature lovers, music enthusiasts, athletes, and foodies with 5-star restaurants, live outdoor entertainment, ecotourism, water sports, and marine life interactions along the route from Miami to Key West.

New England and the Eastern Seaboard are currently looking strong again for private yachting in Summer 2024.  Keeping your “peep pods” in mind makes travel planning easier.

We call travel groups “Peep Pods”

Whether it is family members or couples, you can travel with a safe pod that you have vetted and approved.  Everyone must feel comfortable to enjoy the journey of cruising on a charter yacht.

It will take the cruise ship and hotel industry some time to recover from the recent changes in travel and tourism.  And while yacht charter travel may not be an option for everyone, CKYCI has received a record number of inquiries this summer from normally non-boating vacationers, ready to discover and embark on a different journey.

We predict that this winter, Florida and the Keys, then New England next summer, will be great family getaway destinations. Travelers can find quiet beaches, eat meals onboard, play in the ocean, and discover the nature that surrounds them. All these ingredients offer entertainment enough for an unforgettable Covid-free travel experience.

Eastern Seaboard on the USA

MarineTraffic in 2020 shows safe travelers in Florida and the entire Eastern Seaboard were seriously social distancing with pod travel on boats of all sizes. Click to enlarge.

Eating, drinking, star gazing, relaxing, playing and just spending time together is a treat.

Here’s an all-too-familiar situation: One teen is a vegan, the 6-year-old only eats cereal and hot dogs, while parents and grandparents like quiet-time dinners together. No problem! Customized diets and eating habits are all attainable in this uniquely safe travel environment.

Spend time with your family and friends – your “peep pod” – outside of the pressures of home, work and school while traveling at your own pace. Discover a whole new world of interests and activities, both together and separately. Have as much group and private time as you wish.

Paramount to making a family getaway relaxing and memorable, your dedicated crew will have the knowledge of your cruising area. They’ll interact with you at the level that you wish, from SCUBA and snorkeling excursions to appearing just in time to hand you a well-deserved cocktail.

Think of yacht charters as all-inclusive family holidays with water sports, private top yacht chefs, and marine life exploration; private floating hotels surrounded by water.

The Future of Travel

As I said in Fodor’s weekly news about the future of international travel,

“Based on my clients, I believe we’re looking at 2022 for European vacations. In the meantime, it’s smart to plan ahead and keep the love of travel going.”

Additionally, American Express’ Departures Magazine – The America Issue, mirrors our travel suggestions in this article: Explore the best of southern Florida at these five luxurious destinations—all less than a three-hour drive from Miami which features The Keys.

Uncomplicating Vacation Travel Now and Later

In these uncertain times, when traveling safely is so important, yacht charters are the most private, customizable, controllable vacation option available. In fact, a Park & Embark vacation can be a good strategy for long weekends, even beyond Covid times.Whenever you want to think about uncomplicating a vacation, think of us.

If you have peeps in your pod who are ready for an adventure and you need even more reasons to create an unforgettable yacht vacation, check out our blog post 5 (Sensible) Reasons Why Yacht Charters Make Superb Summer Family Getaways. Then, give us a call and let’s start planning!

The Ultimate Gift

Give Them the World with a Carol Kent Yacht Charters International Gift Certificate

Imagine the feeling of giving the most precious gift of time together. Yacht getaways offer unforgettable experiences of a lifetime.


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