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Family riding Banana Boat from M/Y BIG EAGLE. Yachting with youngsters and teens.

5 (Sensible) Reasons Why Yacht Charters Make Superb Summer Family Getaways

The sun is out. It’s finally warm. You’re in your office, counting the minutes until you and yours burst out of buildings and head to the water. It’s your Summer family getaway time. The Summer’s here and the time is right for yachting with your peeps.

When we say getaway on a yacht charter, you might say, “You mean a cruise?”

No. We do not mean a cruise. Or a ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard (which is lovely). Or kayaking around Cape Ann in Massachusetts (which is also lovely).

We mean having a personalized family adventure on a beautiful boat where every day is a revelation.

Yacht charters make superb Summer family getaways for many reasons. Here are just 5:

1  Yacht charters as Summer family getaways are the ultimate in customized private adventures.  Your boat is your floating hotel. You’re not tied to the schedule or destinations of a cruise ship. You can specify your food, drink, activities, itineraries, expeditions and experiences. Some yachts allow pets. Some yachts are even designed to accommodate people with mobility challenges.

2  Boredom is “not a thing” on yacht charters. Our clients love telling stories of single-family, multi-family and multi-generational trips that have changed lives. Children thrive on learning about marine life, boats, geography, oceanography, board games and making s’mores on deck. Teens thrive on jet-skiing, water skiing, standup paddleboarding, hover boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving and handling a boat. Parents report even having conversations with their children about their epic adventures and new-found skills!

Read about one family’s yacht adventure in our post, First-Time’s a Charm.

3  Connectivity counts. While you may be seeking less screen time for everyone and connection with family and friends, you may also have to work or do some online outreach. Many yachts have wifi so you can access the Internet while onboard (and somehow magically only your devices work.) 😎

4  Expenses are shareable. Two or more families often make these nautical Summer getaways happen by sharing a yacht charter and splitting the costs. Traveling with friends and family is almost always better than traveling with strangers.

5  Family-friendly boats can be very affordable. Families can experience a week-long yacht charter for as little as $10,000 per week plus expenses.  72′ S/Y BONNIE LYNN is based in DownEast Maine. She is a traditional schooner and family-ready for kiddies to learn the ropes while vacationing. Try it for a long weekend to cut the cost but have the experience. In fact, many of our yachts offer special pricing for families of young children, destinations and services which you can peruse on our Yacht Charter Specials pages.

Charter vs. Disney vs. Cruise

“Family budget travel” is a trending search term and we do understand that a yacht charter vacation might seem like a bigger expense than you were planning on for a family vacation. So we thought it would be interesting to compare the cost of a trip to Disney vs. a cruise vs. a private yacht charter. The results might surprise you.

Cost of a 7-Night Cruise for a (Frugal) Family of Four

Blogger Heidi Sarna at Frommers.com broke out her expenses for her very frugal family of four including food, beverages, a couple of spa treatments and a few inexpensive onshore tours:   $1,999 for extras + $1,996 ($499/person) for a bargain-basement cruise ticket for four. We added $1400 for 4 plane tickets based on our Disney World blogger’s expenses in the next column.

Grand total: $5,395


Cost of a 5-Night Disney World Vacation for Family Four

Blogger Brad Tuttle at Money.com broke out his Disney expenses in 2017. We adjusted them for 5 nights instead of 4 nights, based on his figures.

The adjusted total is $7500 (indeed, a strangely round number). Then, adjusted for inflation in 2019 and NOT including Disney’s 2020 price hike, we calculated a

Grand Total: $7,835.71


This is just the beginning of yacht charter love and ways to make your Summer family getaway extraordinary.

Remember our business tagline: “WATER COVERS 70% OF

Learn more about lots and lots of yachts, destinations and itineraries in New England, The Mediterranean, Alaska, Australasia and so much more here. 

Or contact us and we’ll help get you on the water!


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