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Red archway shows view of white clouds over the Caribbean Sea in Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Bahamas Update After Hurricane Dorian

This summer, Hurricane Dorian’s path of destruction through The Bahamas occupied top new spots. Weeks later, we look at how to help the storm-torn area, much of which actually remains either slightly-affected or unscathed.

While the northern Bahamas – Abaco and Grand Bahama – experienced serious destruction, according to Rachel Knowles of The Nassau Guardian, “as a country, the Bahamas shouldn’t look, as a whole, super different.”

How to Help

Travel writer Lea Lane, wrote in Forbes that we should do 2 things to help: DONATE to recovery efforts and PLAN TO TRAVEL to The Bahamas.
Bahamas sign on classic pink building in Bimini
Bahamas sign on classic pink building in Bimini

Recovery Efforts

On September 23rd, Travel Weekly reported an update given by the Grand Bahama tourism board. Recovery efforts have “shifted into high gear” on Grand Bahama Island.

Abaco residents are also hopeful about their recovery post Hurricane Dorian. We send our hopes and prayers to all those who have been effected by the category 5 hurricane.

700+ Islands and Cays Unscathed

If you’ve been considering a trip to The Bahamas, rest assured that most of the areas 700+ islands and cays are in perfectly and delightfully visitable.

If you already have a trip to The Bahamas booked, try to go if you can. Be sure to check with airlines for any changes.

To read more about Turks & Caicos, The Exumas and other Bahamian paradises we recommend chartering through, visit our Bahamas page.

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Protect Your Travel

And since we’re talking about hurricanes, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of travel insurance. For more about why we recommend protecting your yacht charter investment, visit our travel insurance page.


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