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Trogir, Croatia esplanade with palm trees, buildings and boats

Dubrovnik to Split One-Way Itinerary

One of the most popular yachting routes is Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia! You will enjoy this itinerary since it includes the majority of South and Middle Dalmatian islands and allows you to see the most popular Croatian destinations.

Starting from the historic city of Dubrovnik, you may want to arrange for Ivan (who lives within the city walls) to be your guide for a half or a full day.  I met up with him when staying in Cavtat. If you love the show “Game of Thrones” or just desire a historic review of the 11th to 13th-century city walls, he is our go-to guide.

You will sail to National Park on Mljet island known as “black island” due to its old and dense pine forest, where you can rent bikes and enjoy the quiet protected island. Off to the island of Korčula known for its spectacular city walls and ancient old town, you will find many restaurants and wine bars.  If interested in a wine tour…just ask us or your Captain.  Further will be the middle Dalmatian islands, Vis where one of the world’s largest blue grottos is located, and the thrilling island of Hvar known for its rich nightlife and gastronomy, therefore perfect for making the last days of sailing unforgettable!

Your may charter end in Trogir (do not miss, only 1/2 drive from Split) or Split (which offers the best shopping destination) which has a new well-connected airport!

Vina Croatia boasts the most lovely vineyards in this Dalamatia region where you will be cruising. Wine tasting just may be of interest, so ask us or your Captain based on your itinerary.

Two Videos I produced that you may enjoy:

SPLITPalace Diocletian Split Croatia

SAILING out of SplitHvar, Stari Grad and Vis



What would be the best recipe for relaxation? We recommend lying under pines, swimming in the crystal clear sea, eating excellent food, and enjoying the astounding scenery of green bays, with crickets and seagulls’ hypnotizing songs. In the late afternoon, sail into one of the beautiful Adriatic towns, and feel the true Mediterranean spirit. There you taste the mixture of cultural heritage and engaging energy of a modern summer life that charms you like a summer affair, leaving you with only happy memories.

Dubrovnik, the most beautiful Croatian city, is your starting harbor. There will be enough time to search for a perfect private bay for some sea enjoyment and the beginning of a memorable vacation. The first night will be spent on one of the Elaphiti islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago.


Mljet National Park

After breakfast on the shady stern, the yacht will sail away toward an astonishing and unique national park called Mljet. Anchorage in picturesque Polače bay, enjoying fresh fish and crabs for lunch and swimming in the crystal clear sea of the National Park area.

In the afternoon, visit two of Mljet’s salt lakes. On the Big Lake, there is a small island of St. Mary, with a fortified monastery from the Romanesque period, like a castle from fairytales – on an island within an island!

Having dinner somewhere in the ancient mystic of Mljet’s “midland” is an exceptional experience. The Island of Mljet is the most densely wooded island of the Adriatic. Due to its old thick forests of Aleppo pine, Karts caves, two picturesque salt-water lakes, many sandy and gravel beaches, fishing grounds, and endangered species, the western part of the island has been proclaimed a national park.



After spending a night on Mljet Island, we will catch a morning breeze to sail towards Korčula Island, another ancient pearl of the Adriatic coast. Before entering Korčula harbor, we will stop on anchor in front of the small island of Badija, in the middle of Korčula archipelagos, close to ancient Roman stone mines, for some lunch and free time. There is an old stone monastery, beaches, and restaurants, and if you are lucky, you can meet a deer, as they live freely on the island.

In the afternoon, we will moor just in front of the town of Korčula, the hometown of Marco Polo, wander through the narrow stone streets of the ancient city and find the best viewpoint of an unforgettable sunset.

It may be true that places and islands differ, but the Island of Korčula undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. There exist even more legends, tales, and monuments than anywhere else. The oldest written monument in Croatia, in Greek, was found there. According to the legend, Korčula was established by the Trojan hero, Anthenor, in the 12th century BCE.



After we moor the yacht in Vis harbor, our recommendation is to rent a scooter and wander across this small but extraordinary island. A prime restaurant is on the top of the island, with a relaxed domestic atmosphere, offering the best roasted lamb and vegetables from local green farms, and a view to the astonishing sunset.

If you are not a scooter fan, there is a day excursion option, around the island by van. After the all-day trip, you will enjoy an old traditional Croatian meal, the lamb under the steel bell, very tender half- baked half-cooked meat. But if you are not willing to experiment, there are other meat options, too!

Plenty of natural pebble beaches on Vis and the clean, transparent sea are perfect for diving, jet ski, windsurfing, and other activities. The island of Vis, known for its fishermen and seafarers, lies far away from the mainland and its troubles. The Greeks founded their first colony on Vis (named Issa) and planted the first grapevine already in the 4th century. A Franciscan monastery was built on the remains of the Greek and Roman theatre in the small town of Vis in the 16th century.

Vis is also known as an untroubled island as well! From these times there are many tunnels drilled on the coast for hiding submarines and military boats. The Island of Biševo is on the south-west of Vis, hiding many caves carved into the steep shore. The Blue Cave (Modra Špilja) with entrances both above and below sea level will take your breath away. When the sea is calm, the light diffracts and paints the interior of the cave blue, and anything below the water line, silver.



While you sleep, we will start our journey toward the island of Hvar. During breakfast, you will listen to the calming sound of a beautiful yacht cutting blue waves.

Mooring in some quiet bay, we’ll take you to sightsee in the beautiful Hvar town with a long and rich history. You can choose the supper in a restaurant or aboard.

During summertime, Hvar town’s famous Carpe Diem club is one of the most popular nightlife destinations on the coast. Besides the appealing social life, there is a rich history, including the fortress from Napoleon’s time and the oldest community theatre in Europe, which was founded in 1612, on one of the largest Renaissance squares.

The town of Stari Grad on Hvar was founded in 385 BC, as the Greek colony Pharos. It is situated at the deepest end of the six km long bay, still recognized for the remains of these Greek fortifications.



After enjoying a refreshing breakfast on the yacht’s stern, we will reach the island of Brač. We will find a beautiful hidden bay and anchor there for some private time for yourself.

After a relaxing day, we will enter the deep bay of Milna to enjoy an evening in this beautiful town. The settlement is built mostly in a typical Mediterranean style. Stone-built houses, neat little alleys, peace, and tranquility are the initial evidence of the cultural splendor of former times. It was developed in the 16th century when an aristocratic family decided to build a fortress and church there.

Milna also offers sand and gravel beaches stretching along the coast. Enjoy, soak up the sun, swim, take a walk, go shopping, or have a coffee and enjoy summer in such a stunning little town. Have a tasty meal in one of the fine restaurants, or let our yacht chef surprise you with his/her choice.

The island of Brač is known for its high-quality stone mines since ancient times. Did you know that the White House was built of stone from Brač Island? There is a strong masonry tradition that has lasted for centuries, which you can notice in remarkable traditional architecture.


Trogir – A UNESCO heritage site

On the last day of your sailing adventure, we will relax and take last jumps into the sea around the beautiful Čiovo island, known for its crystal clear sea and dense pine forest.
After lunch and siesta, the gulet will take you in front of the second Adriatic pearl, the Trogir. It is a small town in Split and the airport vicinity.
The old town of Trogir is a small island between the mainland and the island of Čiovo that was once surrounded by stone walls. It is UNESCO protected for its beauty and historical importance. The fortress and the sea channel are still protecting the city!
Lose yourself in the charming streets of the beautiful town and go for one last shop for presents and souvenirs. Trogir also offers a wide choice of bars and excellent restaurants.  One of my favorites is “Tragos” sitting outside eating excellent fresh seafood.  It is also a family-run heritage hotel.

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