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Bucket List 2014: From Sea to Shining Sea

 Happy New Year!   To our valued Clients, Captains and Crew…

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We wish you Health and Happiness in 2014.

BUCKET LIST for 2014 Bucketmadeofsand_carolkent.com 12-12-2013 1-31-55 PM.comI started creating this “pretty sorry looking” sand bucket while in Antigua outside my hotel room as the charter show had ended.  So many places to go and cultures to explore, I decided to list my favorites.  My bucket list was full.

Greece – the sunsets are the best I have ever seen!

Turkey has my Heart – the people and the meaningful language.

Maine and Lobster on the Beach – life could not get better.

St. Kitts and Nevis – although I love St. Bart’s, I discovered something new.

My BUCKET LIST for 2014 will be posted in time to celebrate the New Year.