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Deborah Mellon onboard the 58 ft barrier-free catamaran IMPOSSIBLE DREAM

The Impossible Dream Arrives in Marblehead Harbor

When your life is physically confined to restrictions everywhere you turn, you may think that boating is not possible. Visionary, Deb Mellen, is making boating accessible with barrier-free yacht design.  What a wonderful surprise meeting her upon the arrival of her yacht, THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, in Marblehead Harbor last evening.

Deb Mellen, CEO and Founder of the non-profit The Impossible Dream, was inspired to bring about this wheelchair-accessible catamaran, sailing the New England coast this summer.  Their journey from Miami to Maine is a must-read.

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, a universally accessible catamaran, is dedicated to raising awareness of barrier-free design and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through sailing.  Taken from theimpossibledream.org website (Learn More)

Visionary, Deb Mellen, is making boating accessible with barrier-free yacht design. Follow their Impossible Dream on Instagram.


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