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Antigua Culinary Competition begins Today

Antigua Culinary Competition
Antigua Culinary Judge Jan prepares for the most prestigious yacht contest.

Antigua Culinary competition begins today on December 6th.   There three categories – 160′ and over, 100′-159′ and up to 100′ feet including sail and motor yachts.

THREE COURSE CARIBBEAN DINNER “GLUTEN FREE” will be the main ingredient for the food portion of the judging.

TABLESCAPING COMPETITION challenges the Chief Stewardesses on the large yachts and the crew on the up to 100′ feet charter yachts.

Author of the Ship to Shore Cookbook Collection – Captain Jan Robinson yacht culinary contest coordinator  / judge organized 5 judges and photographer to be on yachts at specified times.  A big job!

Antigua culinary competition
Creative use of local pineapples