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Newport Charter Show Top Yacht Chef 2015

Newport Charter Show Top Yacht Chef 2015 theme ~ Health and Wellness on your yacht vacation.   Congratulations ~ 130′ FAR NIENTE takes 3 culinary categories!

Newport Charter Yacht Show Top Yacht Chef 2015
Top Yacht Chef Winners in Newport 2015

This annual culinary competition included four categories: Top Yacht Chef, Sunset Canape Challenge, Healthy Beverage Challenge and Tablescaping Challenge.

TOP YACHT CHEF:  130′ M/Y FAR NIENTE Chef Ben Mercier (Quebec, CA) won over the professional judges with a vegan raw vegetable sushi dish.

HEALTH BEVERAGE:  130′ M/Y FAR NIENTE  Nikky (Ben’s wife) created a medley of dairy-free fruit smoothies and pressed juices.

Newport Charter Show Top Yacht Chef 2015
Nikky shows off her smoothies

SUNSET CANAPE:  50′ Sail Catamaran PARADIGM SHIFT  Bonnie Carroll (Annapolis, MD) delighted judges with her pear pancetta hors d’oeuvre.

Newport Charter Show Top Yacht Chef 2015
Bonnie – Winner of Sunset Canape Challenge











Newport Charter Show Top Yacht Chef 2015
130′ FAR NIENTE Tablescaping winner 2015

The show was a huge success and congratulations to all the yachts that participated!


Sponsors included by Crew Food Safety Training; Culinary Convenience; DYT Yacht Transport/Sevenstar Transportation and all was organized by Captain’s Concierge.


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Carol Kent in a comfy chair on board a yacht deck in Newport, Rhode Island
Carol inspecting yachts in Newport, getting ready for Summer in New England.