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125' Nicole Evelyn Cheoy Lee yacht cruising Maine in New England

Opening ports in New England, New York and New Jersey

Yachting Guide to Opening Ports in New England, New York and New Jersey

Covid-19 is creating havoc on vacation travel just about everywhere.  We are keeping our charter clients up to date with links and current blogs. As of today, our American Yacht Charter Association sent this report out to our members and colleagues here and across the pond. We have current travel information for wherever you want to go!   Read our blog on Drive & Sail “Playcations”.  Get started with our Yacht Search database.


Announced 2 days ago, Phase 3 will begin around July 1:

Face masks will still be required when around others in public.

6-foot social distancing is still necessary, wash hands frequently, and anyone sick should stay at home.

While most businesses have been able to re-open in Phase 1, now all will reopen in some manner.

Phase 3 will see movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades (can’t wait to play Whack a Mole again), museums and cultural institutions will re-open at 66% capacity or 100 square feet per person.

Indoor social gatherings can increase from 50 to 75 people, and outdoor social gatherings can increase from 75 to 150 people.

There is no news yet about the removal of the remaining travel restrictions for those travelers coming in from a state that is currently on lockdown or similarly, having to self-quarantine for 14 days, or any news on if international travelers are welcome. Updates on these situations should be coming out shortly. 

For the Newport Mansions, there will be no private tours offered this year, per the information that was provided at the AYCA Seminar at the 2019 Newport Charter Show. At a presentation, The Preservation Society of Newport County, highlighted private mansion tours as a special product the industry could offer our clients and yacht owners’ guests.

This year in Newport, only The Breakers and The Elms will be open for limited size groups to walk through the properties in ½ hour time slots, listening to an audiotape while walking. Basically, this is the normal manner for touring these mansions, just smaller group sizes are being allowed in at one time.  Tickets must be reserved and paid for in advance on The Preservation Society website, and are reserved for every hour and ½ hour.  Times still available to reserve will be shown on the website. Ticket booths at the properties will be closed. There are no ticket sales at the properties,


Recreational Boating and Boating Businesses – PHASE II has a 4 phase opening.

For-hire and charter vessels may operate in Phase II (link) provided that no more than ten customers, excluding captain and/or crew members, can be aboard a single vessel at any one time.

Resource – Mass Marine Trade Association (link).

PHASE III in Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker said last week that he wants at least two weeks of new data between each stage. Under that scenario, that would mean Phase 3, including the reopening of gyms, outdoor camps, museums, and more, would start no sooner than July 6.  

The Islands of: 

NANTUCKET – https://nantucket-ma.gov/1657/Covid-19

MARTHA’S VINEYARD – https://www.mvy.com/covid19.html



The State will allow adults who obtain and receive a negative COVID-19 test from a specimen taken no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival to forgo the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine.

Maine is strongly urging visitors to “Know Before You Go,” and be tested and receive results in their home state before traveling to Maine, which will allow them to take appropriate action depending on the result. Websites like Get Tested COVID-19 show local testing options nationwide. 

People who are not Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont residents The State will allow adults who obtain and receive a negative COVID-19 test from a specimen taken no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival to forgo the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine. A new plan, Keep Maine Healthy, has created a testing alternative to the 14-day quarantine for visitors to Maine starting June 26. It allows residents of New Hampshire and Vermont to travel to Maine without testing or quarantine, and visit Maine lodging starting June 12.

Individuals must maintain a 6-foot distance from others when in public, and are now required to wear cloth face coverings in public settings where physical distancing measures are hard to maintain, including at outdoor gatherings. Businesses must post signs alerting customers of the face-covering requirement by June 5, and may deny entry to people who do not comply.

Effective June 17, the remaining three counties are allowed to reopen indoor dining with additional health and safety protocols. They can also open bars, breweries and tasting rooms for outdoor, seated service. Gyms, tattoo parlors, and nail salons can open in line with requirements. Capacity limits at retail establishments will expand to allow up to 5 customers per 1,000 square feet 



Self-isolation and quarantine are NOT necessary for travelers from another state to Connecticut (unless high infection rate states are restricted). 

An executive order requires the use of cloth face coverings in public “wherever close contact is unavoidable,” including while using public transit and ride-sharing services, began April 20. 

Phase 2 of reopening began on June 17. In Phase 2, additional businesses can choose to resume operations in compliance with sector-specific regulations. Sectors allowed to reopen include amusement parks, hotels, libraries, sports and fitness facilities, personal care services, outdoor events, indoor museums, zoos and aquariums, indoor recreation venues and indoor restaurant dining.


According to the state of New York, the Marine Industry is not opened – yet – for chartering or selling.  Nothing has changed since about 2 weeks ago. More information here:

New York Marine Trades Association (link)


As of 6.24.20 – New York, Connecticut and New Jersey will require visitors from other states with high infection rates to quarantine for 14 days.

“Travel Advisory” from Governors Cuomo, Murphy and Lamont – Listed are States from which residents cannot come into Connecticut, NY or NJ are listed in this link:  CNN REPORT on high infection states not to be allowed right now without a 14 day quarantine into CT, NY and NJ.  

AYCA PR Committee: Kathy Kennedy (Chair), Missy Johnston, Sylvia Weston, Jennifer Saia, and Carol Kent


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